Seventeen pregnant girls in Mass.

How did we get to the point in this country and world where 17 girls from the same school can get pregnant at the same time and no one is outraged?

Does anyone seriously believe that there was no pact as they are now saying, and the school tries to make us believe?

How can something like that now be encouraged by our media and society?

An appearance on a national morning TV show, condoning these actions, what is that all about?

Day care centers in the schools and passing out condoms at school,what did these officials think was going to happen?

These girls were giving each other high fives, they won’t be giving each other high fives a year from now when their hands are filled with a dirty diaper.

They were taking pregnancy test and disappointed when they weren’t pregnant.

One of them got pregnant by a homeless man.

You can blame the parents, the school, society, whatever and true the way things are today that all plays a  part, but the ultimate blame comes down to the individual.

Now I’m sure the rest of us , (the taxpayer) will get to pay for these so called mistakes.

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