Deporting Illegial Immigarnts

As usual politicians only have a one track mind,and can’t seem to think past their nose.
The common rhetoric  to the illegals immigrant problem is,”Well , We can’t deport 12 million illegals”.

Well, we don’t have to!  All we have to do is make it tougher for employers to hire them,(make sure they are legal) increase and enforce the fines.  Force them to pay at least minimum wage.

If there is no incentive for the employers, and a penalty for doing something they shouldn’t be doing in the first place, the practice would stop.

If there is no work, the illegals will go home or make an effort to become legalized. Thus the problem is solved! This isn’t rocket science !

Most politicians are pandering for votes, the way I see it Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be voting anyway. The immigrants that come here legally don’t like the way it is done either, most are law abiding citizens, and feel that everyone should abide by the same laws that they do.

I don’t have a problem with immigration, but they should have to come here legally like everyone else. In today’s world, we need to know who crosses our borders.

Most countries have a lot tougher laws concerning Visas and entering their country than we do.

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