Let’s Drill here, there, everywhere!

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The “Yes we can” campaign of Barry Obama, seems to be stalled. Every time a suggestion is made on how we can improve our country, the war in Iraq, or the economy, the first statement made by the left is, “that won’t work.”

The latest in a long line of impossible solutions is the possibility of opening more areas for oil drilling.With the known reserves in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Anwar(which, by the way, it’s sole purpose of being created was for  oil exploration) and all the oil off shore, we have more oil reserves in this country than all the known sources in Saudi Arabia. By developing those reserves , along with alternative energy supplies that would  work, leave the corn alone, (bad Idea), The United States could be entirely self sufficient and not have to depend on terrorists for our energy supply.

With all the new technology available today, there are only two chances of pollution, slim and none. Their favorite mantra is, “well it wouldn’t do any good, it would take ten years for us to receive any oil from a new well.

We, the greatest nation on earth, put a man on the moon in 7 years, created our own nation in eight years, defeated two of the largest and powerful countries  the world has ever known, at the same time, in four years.

How big of an idiot do they think we are, what are they going to dig that oil well with, a pick and shovel?

They keep bringing up the same old story,we need wind power, solar power, etc. That is fine and dandy, however, I seriously doubt that an airplane, locomotive, or big truck will ever be powered by a windmill!

All types of energy sources need to be developed, the world needs them all! It is pig headed and small minded to think otherwise, let’s quit playing politics with our economy and develop a plan, quit taking us back to the future.

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