The Secret- be Open to Everything & Attached to Nothing

The Secret – Be Open to Everything & Attached to Nothing
By []Richard Blackstone

The law of attraction tells us you bring into your life that which you put your attention on but the real secret in attracting your desires is to not be attached to the outcome of your expectations. Spirituality information tells us that your spiritual growth soars when you learn the art of being open to everything and attached to nothing.

The ultimate experience of being in spirit is when you can say “yes” to everything. You can only do that when you are attached to nothing. The one constant is that life is change and everything we know of in this physical relative universe is temporal and temporary.

Our mission here in the realm of the physical is to experience in the relative world everything that we know as concepts in the realm of the absolute. Nothing is closed to us and everything is available to us. We are beings of unlimited potential and the only thing holding us back from experiencing whatever we desire is any limiting beliefs we hold about life (God).

It is our beliefs that attach this stigma of limits to our existence and it is our beliefs that keep us attached to what we expect as a certain outcome for any given intention or desire. The more we are attached to a certain belief, the more we restrict or limit the universe in the fulfillment of our desires.

If we attach ourselves to a belief with enough conviction, we will effectively disallow any desire that doesn’t align with that belief to manifest in our reality.

If you truly believe that you are not worthy to have a lot of money in your life, then no amount of praying, beseeching, working hard or even stealing will have the effect of allowing money to flow to you. You are constantly being trumped by your deeply held belief.

If you remain unattached from any limiting beliefs (and all beliefs are limiting) and open to all things, seen and unseen, then you open the floodgates of the creative process to allow anything you desire to come into your reality so that you may experience it.

You see, we are in a continual process of experiencing those desires that we choose to bring into our lives. Unfortunately, most people hold such an arsenal of limiting beliefs that they keep experiencing the same things over and over because they are attached to those beliefs and are not open to the vast array of experiences that lie just beyond their belief systems.

It is hard to say yes to something that you have already emphatically said no to. Being open to everything and attached to nothing allows you to say yes to everything. No judgments involved, no guilt involved, no limits involved, just a freewheeling desire to experience life (God) in all of its different perspectives.

Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t have preferences. You can be open to all experiences, including those that you might label as bad, such as stealing, lying and murder, but you can have preferences, based on your experience, that will lead you to choose experiences that are in alignment with who you choose to be.

You are still open to everything and attached to nothing but have a preference to choose experiences that keep you on a path that leads you toward your vision.

The blessing of not being attached to anything is that it allows you to let the universe work its magic and deliver your intentions and desires to you in an unrestricted form. When the manifestation of your desires arrives in your space in a form that is unfamiliar to you, you can still say yes to it because you are not attached to any preconceived form that you might have imagined.

This is the spice of life. This is where the fun is. It is in going beyond your comfort zone of awareness into the unknown of your existence that life truly reveals itself to you. Don’t strap yourself to a boring existence of only accepting and being attached to those things in life that you are familiar with. Stretch yourself and your zest for life by saying yes to everything that shows up for you. Be attached to nothing and open to everything. Say yes to the unfamiliar. Revel in the magic of the universe.

Be non-attached and allow all things to flow to you.


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