Bristol Palin

The 17 year old daughter of Republican Vice Presidential candidate is pregnant. The announcement was made Monday to knock down rumors by liberals that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her daughter.

The young couple, her and her fiancee, have made the decision to keep the child. Although this comes at a time in their life when it will be extremely hard for them and their family. To not only to care for and raise the child, saying nothing for the difficulties it will pose for Sarah in her bid for the vice presidency, none of them feel as though they are “being punished” with a baby.

It would have been a lot easier to go running off and get an abortion,(the acceptable way to deal with an unplanned pregnancy today,) or put the baby up for adoption. However these two options are no easy fix, a lot of women who have had abortions or have given children up for adoption , live with that decision every day. Some times these choices can be an only option, however they are no quick fix, or an acceptable form of birth control, as portrayed by the media and left wing.

I hope they make the point that having a child at 17 leaves the mothers, (and fathers) in a very difficult position. When this happens the parents will have a very difficult time making ends meet, nether are qualified to get a good paying job, their career choices are severely limited, and the chance of the father sticking around, or the marriage surviving is extremely small.

The Palins have plenty of money to help with the situation, most people don’t, that should be emphasized, it places an extreme burden on the family, children need to be taught restraint and the value of subdueing our passions. This is an extremely hard way to learn a lesson.

No one is perfect, everyone does things that are not conducive to a “perfect” life. That doesn’t mean we should stop trying or just succumb to our temptations, or try to sweep our mistakes uner the carpet.

The Palins are in an extemely difficult situation, they are dealing with it in their own way, they aren’t blaming someone else or seeking an easy way out. Thankfully they have the financial resources to make it work out. I hope the hate monger bloggers realize that these people are humans like the rest of us and need our support in a time like this, not their narrow minded  judgments based on politics or self righteousness.

There is an old indian proverb,” Criticize no one until you walk a mile in their moccassins.” This needs to be considered at this time.

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