What do Liberals Really Believe?

What do Liberals really believe?

According to popular belief, the left has always preached that a woman is capable of raising a family, supporting a husband, and having her own career.

She should have a choice as to whether she has a child or not, she can have an abortion if she so chooses, without consulting anyone including her husband. Children and family come second to a woman’s right to have a career.

They believe it is perfectly OK and normal for teenagers to have sex, out of wedlock, and if they are burdened with a baby, it is perfectly OK to abort it. Not only is it OK, it is encouraged.

One should be pro-choice, if one is not pro choice , they are old fashioned and not keeping up with the times.

Let’s see now, so what is the problem with Sarah Palin?

She has five children, a good marriage, and a successful career, and she is practicing pro- choice,pro choice should mean that she has choices as to if she would keep a baby or abort, she decided to keep her child, although knowing that the baby would be born severely handicapped. Her teenage daughter became pregnant, an all too common occurrence today.

This all should fit right into the left’s game plan, they should be clamoring all over this lady! Instead of praising her, they are asking if a woman is capable of maintaining a career and raising a family. they are asking if she has time to do both. Haven’t they been preaching for years that a woman can do it all? So What is the problem?

The problem is, in their minds pro-choice isn’t pro choice, in their minds pro-choice means pro abortion, there is no other option.

The fact that mother and daughter both decided to keep their babies infuriate them, they think most women are pro abortion, most women are not. Women who have an abortion , live with that fact for the rest of their lives, if they have a conscience.

The next and maybe the most crucial problem that the left has with Sarah is jealousy, the left thought they had sole ownership of the fact that a woman would someday reside in the White House. That possibility has been taken away from them. That right was theirs and theirs alone, the fact that Mrs. Palin has a real good chance of becoming the first female Vice-President and President and along the way upstaging their guy terrifies and infuriates them. I bet Bill spent all week-end picking up broken lamps at the Clinton household!

The left does have some issues with some of her conservative views, from their point of view. But, on these issues, there is nothing they can say, and still be taken seriously.

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