Global Warming

Several issues the global warming crowd keeps trying to cram down our throats just don’t add up.

They completely ignore the fact that the earth was warmer in the 13th century than it is today, this has been proven.

The earth has continuously gone through warming and cooling cycles as long as there has been an earth.

One volcano spews more pollution into the air than mankind has during it’s whole existence.

Mars is also getting warmer, so is the Mars Rover being fueled by fossil fuels? Either that or the earth is warming so much it is affecting the Martian atmosphere.

The sun continuously varies in the amount of radiation it emits, based on several factors. IE sunspots.

Our own planet wobbles on it’s axis, thus allowing, depending upon the tilt of the earth , various levels of heat and radiation to reach us.

The very people  who are the advocates of this crazy theory , (Al Gore) in particular, are making millions of profits exploiting this. Al Gore owns one of the companies that is marketing the so called “carbon credits” whereby we can make restitution for our sins, burning fossil fuels in our daily lives, while we are trying to make a living.

He lives in a 20,000 sq. ft. house that uses 10 times as much energy as the average American, to say nothing of his private jet. If he is so concerned, why doesn’t he conserve. Buy the carbon credits and conserve at the same time. Makes sense to me!

Send him a buck, and he’ll plant a tree in the Amazon.

How many companies are being blackmailed into buying carbon credits, so they won’t receive bad publicity. Sort of reminds me of Jesse Jackson and his strong armed techniques he employed “encouraging” companies to support his Rainbow Collation.

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There is nothing wrong in trying to conserve energy, it just makes sense , if nothing else, because it is more economical and saves money. We should develop our other sources of energy,nuclear, wind , solar, etc., but we also need to develop our own natural resources,oil, gas, coal, why do you think the Supreme Being put them there? Just to look at?

No doubt the climate is changing, but the climate has always been changing. Global warming has turned into a political football where the left is trying to discredit the right , instead of doing something productive with their lives, they have chosen a non issue, just have something to talk about at their meaningless cocktail parties.

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