Barack, As The Twig is Bent

There is much talk these days about Barack Obama and his acquaintances.
Some people say it doesn’t matter who his friends are. I tend to
disagree, from my earliest memory , whenever I would start a friendship
with some one in school whose reputation or character was questionable,
my mother would be down my throat about it. I can still see her looking
at me and saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” In other words
people with common interests and goals always develop friendships. We
are judged by our acquaintances. I knew that the best thing I could do
was maintain a distance between this individual and myself, not only to
keep mom off my back, but it was for my own good as well.
certainly don’t agree with all the opinions of my friends, I have
really good friends on both sides of the political spectrum, and enjoy
lively, civil debate with most of them However, there are limits, no
way would I associate with people  Mr. Obama considers his closest friends and mentors.

When we first moved to Sarasota, we started attending a church that
had a liberal agenda, this bothered me some, as I believe that politics
should never be discussed in a house of worship. Most of the time it
was not emphasized a whole lot, so it was bearable. The Sunday after
9/11, the pastor launched himself into a tirade about how evil Bush
was, how the attacks were America’s fault,and all the typical rhetoric.
I had never heard anything like this in a church before. That was the
last time we sat foot in that establishment! There were no DVD’s of the
service, no articles in the church magazine, I never went to Harvard or
Columbia, but I was still intelligent enough to figure out what was
going on, and I wanted no part of it.

Most politicians have associates of questionable character, it
would be difficult to attain a high office without developing those
types of relationships. However, for a person to sit in a church for
twenty years, subject their  children to the type of hatred Reverend
Wright was spewing, and to then state he had no idea what was happening
in that church shows either he wasn’t paying attention, or he
completely agreed with what is being said. What kind of attitudes are
the children going to develop when a person of this character is a role
Another close associate, William Ayres, tried to destroy
the pentagon, blow up the Capitol, and publicly stated the only thing
he regretted was that more damage wasn’t done. Do we need a president
with friends like that?

His 2 closest financial advisers are 2 of the individuals most
responsible for our current mortgage dilemma. He has 25 year ties to
the Arab community, all or part of his Harvard education was paid for
by leaders in the Arab world, people who would like to see the United
States destroyed. I’m not sure this guy has any normal friends.

He was a student of Marxism during his college years.

 All of this in my eyes , if nothing else, shows extremely poor
judgment, the kind of judgment we don’t need in the White House. Do we
want to hand the secrets of the United States and the world over to
someone of this type of  character and judgment.

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”, this twig has been bent in the wrong direction for many, many years!

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  1. I would call you a partisan idiot, but that would be an insult to idiots.

    You’re behind the times in this article. The Obama campaign has satisfactorily explained themselves on the Richard Wright and Bill Ayers controversies, and everyone, including every sensible conservative commentator, has moved on to the important issues (Like the economy! And foreign policy!)

    Your statement stating that “He was a student of Marxism during his college years” is idiotic for multiple reasons. Number one, he wasn’t. But moving past that, what difference would it make? He majored in Poli. Sci and IR, and what does it matter if he studied Marxism at one point? He’s not a Marxist, he doesn’t vote for Marxist policies, so what difference does it make what he may have once studied in college. I’m sure John McCain studied the Nazis in high school and college, but no one is going to claim he’s a student of Nazism.

    And finally, you go on and make blanket racist statements against ‘Arabs,’ combined with statements that are downright untrue. That’s the point at which I knew I was dealing with a complete idiot.

    For both your sake and the sake of anyone who might read this, please stop. You’re an idiot, and more importantly, a failure to conservatives everywhere. As someone who is myself conservative, it’s people like you who make life for sensible conservatives that much more difficult.


  2. I’m not sure who Richard Wright, the Reverend’s name is Jerimiah. You comment is uncivil and demeaning. You are no conservative.Most conservative commentators aren’t satisfied with the explanation, as most open minded critical thinking people have serious doubts as the sincerity of his explanation.


  3. Very good article. Obamam’s campaign has given me the creeps since the beginning. I disliked previous democratic presidential hopefuls, but Obama is downright scary. The downright vile things coming out of the left is just disgusting. And there’s no way that John C is a conservative. Only a liberal brings diarrhea of the mouth to an intelligent discussion.


  4. I know it’s scary, you can’t get a sensible answer to anything, last night my wife was in a discussion with someone and William Ayres came up, finally out of desperation my wife asked her, “would you want your child to go to college and have someone like Ayres teaching them?Their answer, “I wouldn’t mind.”How do you respond to something like that?It blows you away.


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