The Failed Bailout

The Failed Bailout!

Yesterday the house rejected the massive
$700 billion dollar bailout proposed by the President and Wall Street.
This bill was being rammed through congress as a means to shore up the
failing mortgage crisis brought on by unsound monetary practices forced
on banks and mortgage companies by the federal government.
Story has it that the measure had barely enough votes to pass when the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi
went on one of her tirades, lambasting the president and Republicans
for creating the problem. Most of the problems were created by the same
members of congress, mostly democrat, who are now in charge of trying
to fix it. The Democrats were also spreading the word as to how this
was going to be used in the upcoming election against the conservatives.

with all of your experience and education, you should realized you
would catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Bake Me A Wish!

If you want someone to
help you and join your cause, you need to treat them with respect, and
dignity. It is a give and take situation , YOU have to go out of
character and be nice. The Republicans  can’t be blamed for changing
their mind and turning the proposal down, they were getting their noses
rubbed in a bill that most didn’t agree with, the American people by a
large majority didn’t agree with, and probably in the long run would
have made the situation worse.

The thing that must be
remembered is a large number of Democrats voted Nay also, they were
receiving emails of 30 to 1 against the proposal, because of this they were afraid of not getting re-elected in November.

This was a bad bill forced on a population who by a large percentage
of people who don’t understand high finance and only believe what the
main stream media tells them. Thankfully most people are fed up with
government  taxpayer funded subsidies and bail-outs. This is what really stopped the bill! Thanks to the Internet
whereby the common citizen can easily send an email to his congressman
to have his voice heard, thanks also to talk radio for their efforts in
educating the folks.

bill was nothing less than pushing our country a lot closer to
socialism, our country was founded on the free enterprise concept,whereby institutions are allowed to function independent of the government, and thereby competition is created, bring down prices and
increasing services.

In the end , we will probably be thanking Nancy Pelosi
for her lack of common sense  and judgment, now maybe congress will
pass a bill that makes sense, protects the taxpayers, and provides an
opportunity for the free market to work without government interference.

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