The Fair Tax

What with all the election year hoopla, the debate over the fair tax
has been quiet. Much opposition has been mounted against it due mainly
to misunderstanding and fear.

The authors, talk show host Neal Boortz and Senator John Linder
of Georgia have seemingly covered all the bases to make it fair for
all. First off, because there would no longer be an income tax, it
would eliminate one of Americas most Cherished institutions,
the IRS!  The Fair tax would establish a straight 23% tax on everything
purchased, from food, to cars, houses, medical , etc. There could be no
exceptions, everything would need to be taxed, but that’s O.K. Start
making exceptions and soon congress would have everything exempted.

In the competitive free enterprise market
, Because so many taxes would be
eliminated the cost of producing the product would be reduced, thereby
reducing the selling cost of the item, only taxes would be collected at
the consumer level. All in all,because of competition, the product
would retail for about the same price it does now, taxes included.

is fair to everyone in that every house hold would get a monthly refund
check for the taxes paid on goods and services needed to maintain a
family at the poverty level. Therefore, the poor would pay no taxes.
Under this system,everyone would pay taxes, it wouldn’t matter if an
individual was working for cash, illegal workers would pay,visitors
from foreign lands,  whenever goods or services were obtained taxes
would be paid.
Enormous sums of money would be saved by
eliminating the need for businesses and individuals to file a tax
return. Businesses now spend more time, money and energy figuring out
how to save money on, and filing taxes than they do developing new
products and services, sometimes these products and services are not
offered to the public because of a tax disadvantage. Large companies
like General Electric often have tax returns as high as 60 feet.

will take a lot of hard work to get this passed through congress,
congress doesn’t want to give up the control THEY have over our money,
they keep forgetting whose money it is. Plus some of the Einsteins in
that institution simply don’t understand economics.  The only way our
tax system will ever change is if we, John Q. Public, keep hounding
them to change. With the popularity of email it is relatively easy for
every citizen to communicate with their congressman .

me, if congress keeps getting bombarded with emails and phone calls, in
the final analysis they will change, they know their jobs depend on
doing what we want, they don’t want to give up the cushy lifestyle they
have created for themselves.

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