2008 Election, Values do Matter

You hear a lot of rhetoric these days about how values don’t matter,it’s all about the issues. I tend to disagree.

of the current issues we have with the economy and the rest of
societies ills are a result of us abandoning our core values. The
current economic meltdown is a direct result of the government and our
financial institutions abandoning long established lending practices
and values. Back in the old days, a mortgage was only granted to some
one if they could qualify.  To qualify meant that the monthly mortgage
payment could only equal one week’s pay, in other works 25% of your
monthly income. Also a 20% down payment was required. These practices
were abandoned when the democrats wanted to insure that more poor
people could own a house. Owning a house is the American dream and
should be pursued by everyone who can afford it. However, now because
of the standards for qualifying for a loan have been eliminated, a lot
of people own a house, or a bigger house than is affordable. The end
result being, most of them will probably lose the American dream, that
does no one any good.

In some instances the republicans went
along with this idea to garner votes, however warnings were sounded
several times, bills were introduced,and each time the warnings were
ignored and the bills voted down by liberals. Despite the warnings from
various individuals, including John McCain and President Bush,  the
economy is in a mess that should have never been. A direct result of sound practices and values being ignored in the financial world and
congress, for the sake of votes and greed.

Character in a president is very important, during times of crisis he must fall back
on his  or her core values to make sound judgments. If there are no
core values, he has no foundation from whence to make correct
decisions. In my opinion one of our presidential candidates has no core
values, schooled in Marxism, socialism, financed at least in part by
Arab interests, and with mentors such as Reverend Wright, Bill Ayres, Louis Farrenkhan and others, his core values are values not shared by most Americans. This man has as his financial advisers, Mr. Raines
, and Mr. Johnson,two of the people largely responsible for the Fannie
Mae and Fannie Mac melt down. One of which walked away with a cool 90
million dollars. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were also largely responsible. Do we want these people controlling our financial world?

Some people are so blinded by the Hate Bush Syndrome they aren’t thinking straight. The HBS
has been perpetrated so much by the left and the main stream media that
people don’t even consider the fact that maybe some things that happen
in the world might possibly not be Bush’s fault. Is it possible that
someone else might be responsible?

I hope people wake up soon
enough, hopefully they haven’t cast early ballots. Remember, your vote
doesn’t expire for four years, it could be a long four years!

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