What I Would Do If I Were Running For President

What would I do it I were running for President?

I think things
have gotten in such a bad state, the only thing left to do is the
obvious, tell the truth,lay it out there,  and don’t sugar coat it.

First off, expose Obama, what  would I have to lose? I would be accused of
racism whenever I criticized his policies or associations, while he
could say anything about me or my beliefs and get a free pass , it
would be taken at face value. The man does have ties to Islam, he has
been financed by Arabs for his education and is being financed today.
We aren’t allowed to use his middle name, whatever happened to free
speech? In many places of the country you face interrogation if you say anything negative about him.

 People were worried about a Mormon becoming president, what about someone with an Arab name and ties to radicalism?

 I’ve got news for you, Obama isn’t an Irish name! Check out the meaning of Barak,
a derivative of his first name. His associations with a known home
grown terrorist and an organization that specializes in voter fraud
should be enough for the FBI to launch an investigation! With his past,
he couldn’t even become a FBI agent, and we want to elect him president
and trust him with the secrets of the free world!?

Who caused
the financial crisis, it wasn’t Bush or McCain, they tried to warn
congress, as usual , congress had their head ,you know where! The leftest leaders in congress, including Barack were right in the middle
of it and telling us there was nothing wrong with Freddie and Fannie.

Drill in ANWAR!!
that is what that preserve was created for!!!! the area that would be
used is very small in comparison to the rest of the surrounding land.
It may be pristine, I don’t know, but I do know it’s dark for six
months of the year, you can’t see pristine in the dark. Why keep sending money to the Middle East so they can turn around and use that money to destroy us?

Stop the
earmarks!! Vote in line item veto, it is ridiculous that so much pork
gets attached to much needed bills, it’s even worse when it is a bad
bill like the bail-out.

With positions like this I probably
wouldn’t get elected, but with the current situation and attitudes of
the American people, the Messiah looks like a shoe-in. At least if I
took these positions, after the elections and people finally wake up,
maybe someone would listen and we could start rebuilding this great
country of ours with the morals and values it was founded on.

Protect Your Rights Today!


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