Barack Obama, What will he do?

If you take away everything else that might decide whether or not he
would be  a good president, except his associations with radicals and
terrorists, this alone is enough to disqualify him from running for
president. You take in to account the people he associates with and he
couldn’t even be an agent with the Secret service, the very people that
protect him.

Character and associations are important,
you are who you associate with. Do we want the likes of Rev. Wright and
Bill Ayres to have access to the White House and all the privileges
associate with it ? People who have expressed extreme hatred for
American and a desire to destroy it?

His connection to ACORN is questionable,
the left wing organization  is registering previously ignored groups,
2nd graders, the deceased, and Disney characters, it is under
investigation by the FBI in 19 states, they have discovered over
200,000 unverifiable register voters in Ohio alone. Barack helped teach
and train workers,he is endorsed by them. - Printer Ink, Toner, & More

Take away his ties to the Arab world, and what do you have left? What is he going to do to help the economy?

He says that 95 % of the people will get a tax break, I have news for
him, a good majority of those 95% don’t pay income taxes . He said that
he is going to give lower income people a $1000 check, that amounts to
welfare, it would soon be spent and we are back in the same boat we
started in, with one less oar! That $1000 would come from Mr. And Mrs.
hard working American businessman.

 Due to our current congress created financial crisis , this is
unaffordable. He wants to create socialized medicine,do you want the
same people running our health care system that are currently running
social security, our veterans hospitals, our public schools , and
managing our finances? The government couldn’t organize a two car funeral !

He is going to let the Bush tax cuts expire, ladies and gentlemen, this
is a tax increase!! What does he think will happen if taxes go up for
Exon Mobil, I will tell you, next time you fill up your gas tank, guess
what? The same with grocery stores or any other large company, their
prices will rise and everyone pays more. Increase taxes and
regulations, more corporations will leave the good old USA and do
business else where. This is the reason many companies have already
left the country. People with wealth will move their funds into
situations where taxes are less, and also move their money into off
shore accounts. Guess what, when that happens, whoever is left will pay
those taxes? You and me.

have to ask yourself, why do our enemies, the Islamic Terrorists, Hugo
Chavez, Qaddafi, Castro and all the other extremists in the world
support him
, it’s not because they want to be friends with us. If
one thinks they will sit down , have a cup of tea, and be nice, you are
only fooling yourself. They have only one thing in mind, remember the
Japanese Ambassador was meeting with Feranklin Roosevelt at the very
minute the Japanese were attacking Pearl Harbor!

No candidate is perfect, however please vote wisely, a lot depends on it!!

See The World and it’s Wonders!



  1. I don’t understand how on one hand you make insinuations that Barack is a Muslim, then in the same sentence you mention his former CHRISTIAN minister Rev. Wright. As for Bill Ayres that is just a red herring, Barack barely new Ayers, who committed his despicable acts when Barack was only EIGHT!! Yes, associations do matter, but seriously Barack has repeatedly said and any credible news agency has refuted this.( for tax policy, Barack would, as you said revoke the President’s insane tax breaks that have been putting us deeper and deeper in debt. And well, it would put us back into the crippling taxes that prevented economic growth in the 1990’s, with the constantly rising GDP, .COM boom, technological revolution and all that. Face it, taxes weren’t bad in the 90’s and I don’t know about you, but I would FAR rather have a sane fiscal policy than give some rich people more tax breaks.Furthermore, where do you get off on this 47.5% of tax payers don’t pay any taxes, is that a fact or are you just making up that half of the 95% Barack talks about don’t pay taxes?Finally about Acorn, I will just go ahead and post’s summary of your and other Republican’s accusations:”The McCain-Palin campaign accuses ACORN, a community activist group that operates nationwide, of perpetrating “massive voter fraud.” It says Obama has “long and deep” ties to the group. We find both claims to be exaggerated. But we also find Obama has understated the extent of his work with the group. * Neither ACORN nor its employees have been found guilty of, or even charged with, casting fraudulent votes. What a McCain-Palin Web ad calls “voter fraud” is actually voter registration fraud. Several ACORN canvassers have been found guilty of faking registration forms and others are being investigated. But the evidence that has surfaced so far shows they faked forms to get paid for work they didn’t do, not to stuff ballot boxes.”( seems to me, that all of your talking points are either don’t make sense, are completely flawed or are just falsehoods repeated in smear campaigns against Barack Obama.


  2. OH my, where do I start, First off Barack was born a muslin, once a muslin always a muslin, that is Islamic law, he was influenced by his stepfather , went to muslin classes, he has received much money to go to Harvard from Arab sources. Because of the currenet world situation it is very unwise to put someone of Barack’s background in office. Putting Obama in office would be like electing some one from the Nazi party in 1944.Judging from the filth coming from Rev. Wright’s mouth, he is no Christian. No way would I sit there for 20 years, listen to that garbage and subject my children to that kind of hatred.Acorn is under investigation in 19 states by the FBI, Mickey Mouse was registered to vote by Acorn, one person was registered 73 times. Barack had a big role in it’s formation and operations.Voter registration fraud is just as bad a voter fraud, no need to split hairs, the attempt is there. As for William Ayres, he made statements in 2001 that he wished that they had blown up more buildings, Barack wasn’t 8 years old then.The fact that he is now a college professor is REALLY scary, what is he teaching those people?Barack launched his campaign in Ayres living room or at least had meetings there.Most people that make less than $40,000 a year pay no income tax.The tax cuts aren’t what are putting us deeper in dept, it is the congress, they are the ones that spend the money with their pork barrel projects, in the 90’s we had a very conservative congress under Newt Gingrich, under Bush , congress was Republican but not conservative, they became worse than the democrats.If you want to keep throwing money at congress go for it , they will gladly spend what you give them,you can even pay my taxes for me! As for me I would like to see them be more responsible.Thirty years ago someone like Obama wouldn’t have made it past the first primary, it’s scary to see how far our country has declined!We need to get back to the basics in this country, bring back some common sense, good judgment and values. Everyone has an entitlement attitude, the politician that promises the most gets elected even though he won’t be able to perform.As JFK said”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”


  3. Mind proving ANY of the assumptions you made? How about instead of reading NeoCon blogs and watching Faux News, you consult some sites like or FAIR or any number of bipartisan, unbiased websites to get your information. Here’s a clue. If you were “born muslim” (isn’t muslin a fabric?) and you then denounced that faith, how would muslim law then apply to you? If I was born Christian and then became an atheist (which is the case) why would Christian doctrine matter at all to me?Not only that, but you can’t be born into a faith. If you don’t BELIEVE something, how can you be an adherent to that belief?Your fear mongering isn’t working. You guys need a new tactic. It worked when people were scared of “teh ebil terrorists” after 9/11, and every time public support waned after that, the government would raise the threat level. But it’s not working now. People understand the NeoCon agenda, and it’s an agenda of lies and fear.If you want to talk true conservative principles, you need to look up what they are. You should also look up the 14 points of fascism. That’s what your NeoCon leadership is practicing.


  4. The ignorance is palpable. Lets see FIRST OFF: he was not born a muslim, he was born in Hawaii as a christian. Period, that is fact. His father left him and he didn’t see him till 8 years later, his father had nothing to do with his upbringing. His grandparent’s paid for his schooling, there were no “arab sources” You’re grinding against the facts, and it’s ridiculous. And lets say he was even a muslim, a religion that millions of americans currently follow, is that REALLY like electinga nazi in 1944?! You sir are a bigot. As for Wright, did you watch the whole sermon? considering your ignorance I don’t think you have, it was taken out of context, period. Obama non the less denounced what was said because people like you forced him to. Is he going to have access to the white house? that doesn’t even make sense. Acorn was supported by Obama when it first began to help the community get out in and vote. And that was the end of his support for Acorn, he hasn’t even done a damn fundraiser, you and your “faux” news try to use acorn to say he supports voter fraud. As for Ayres the facts have already been clerified. He never had a fundraiser at Ayres house, he was on two boards with him, he barely knew the guy. The debt? you really think its porkbarreling, the 18 million dollars a month average spent or pork?! What about a 10 trillion dollar war, a war that most of america does not want, Iraq does not want. But that’s not even whats putting us in debt, its the federal reserve, who loans us money on interest on ever dollar, inflation is inherent, and debt comes no matter what we do. Suggesting its pork barreling that is putting us in debt shows your ignorance about what is spent.and the most bigot thing you’ve said ” 30 years ago someone like Obama wouldn’t have made it past the first primary, it’s scary to see how far our country has declined” I’m sorry that your world has come crashing down so far that for the first time in history a black man has made it this far, that people are smart enough to look past the ignorant arguments about false associations, and see what’s truly important. A smart, well-spoken man who cares about america and restoring back to the country of opportunity.Your GOP is flawed, ignorant, and failing. People are smarter then the smears you and your “faux” put out there.I hope in 2012 a Arab Muslim runs for president, and gets into the general election. I hope for progress and secular look at goverment, where god is in the church and politics in congress.I hope for progress, while republican’s wade through their own failing bigotry.


  5. This is just terribly altered “facts” to the point of bullshit. It’s amazing how much they’ll put into rehabilitation, yet put the shoe on a totally different animal altogether when it comes to admitting people change. By the way, the Board Ayers is on was started by one of McCain’s top campaign managers, so maybe that should be mentioned, to you know, preserve the integrity of your “facts”. Yes, people do change, but republicans will always possess reptilian brains.


  6. Oh, my god. You people are retarded. “Once a Muslim always a Muslim?” First off, I don’t even know where you get that he was born a muslim, but even if he was, then what you’re saying is that you CAN’T change your mind? On what bigotry do you base that? After all, the bible says lots of messed up stuff, too, suck as how to sell your daughter into slavery. So if Obama traded one misogynistic crazy religion for another one that’s a little older and a little less crazy, who are you to say that’s not genuine? Remember, Hitler was a Catholic and Gandhi was a Deist (or Hindu). If we need to think about people’s relationships, and about their actions and how they reflect their values, let’s looka t McCain, who ACCEPTED BRIBES (see: Keating Scandal), crashed 5 planes because of recklessness and bad piloting, has spent time with G. Gordon Liddy, who was actually ARRESTED and JAILED for some of his crimes, as opposed to Ayers who was not (though we all know it was only a technicality, at the same time, we as a society must let him go because our society’s measure of justice let him go). Is Obama perfect and great and awesome? No. At the same time, he’s not a corrupt liar who dumped his wife to marry hsi mistress, then accepted bribes to hlep a ‘friend’ get out of being investigated for fiscal malfeasance, He’s just a guy with a crazy former preacher, who at one time was a politician in the same area as a former hippie radical who dealt with him because they were on the same side of many issues…I dont’ like either, but after last election, i don’t think we want the WORSE of two evils, do we? Especially since there’s no logical reason for that…the fact that you call an attack on Obama with no attempt at objectivity or seeing McCain’s flaws just makes me think that you’re the type of person who, thanks to ‘common sense’ thinks the world is flat.


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