Vote Wisely, the Country You Save May be Your Own

I am not sure who the Average voter is to you, Pit Bull in
lipstick or Joe 6 pack maybe? It is your perception of the average
voter, not necessarily the
truth, I am an average voter and I have spent months, studying my arse
off in order to ensure I make the right vote. The others I am studying
with are doing
the same, now true I am in a small part of the world, but I would be
willing to bet that if you took a poll on Average American voters you
would find they do
not believe any one is a knight in shining armor, savior, king,
messiahs, or anything similar. NOPE us average voters, and I am in
contact with MANY from the
net and here at home are truly reading the policies, listening the
candidates and makin’ our decisions, can’t speak for you or others,
just those that
I have been with. ****

I do not think you or even I are an “average voter.” Truth be told
the “average voter” not those in our social circle, have little idea
how our government actually works. I am not a Republican as I have
stated before, but I am well aware that the dislike for Bush and the
administration has actually blinded many from anything other than JUST
average voters do not
even realize that this bailout and many other policies under this
administration were voted on by democrats who are the house majority.
Many don’t realize
that a vote for Obama is a vote for Nancy Pelosi who would become
President if Obama and Biden were unable to complete their terms. With
this house majority
there would be no check and balance whatsoever. Just a lot of yes men
and women with their agendas.

Now the question should really be: What does Barack Obama consider
to be an average American or a respectable American. Let is in our
sincere studies of all
important issues take a real look at.

Personally I believe that although the economy, the health care
issue and many other issues are important; as an American and as a Jew,
my allegiance and support is to America and Israel first and foremost. And I want the
leader of my government to also bear Allegiance to the USA and to be a
supportive friend to
Israel and the Jews.

So here is a small list of Obamas average American respectable
friends who are his financial backers and advisers and their own
recorded statements:

On October 16, 1995, Obama attend the Million Mile March on Washington DC led by Louis Farrakhan, and leader of the Nation of Islam.
Obama’s mentor
(Obama’s words in his own book), Jeremiah Wright presented an award on
behalf of the Trinity Church of which Obama was a member and supporting
to Louis Farrakhan. The award read that Farrakhan “optimizes greatness.”
Farrakhan financially backed Obama, and Obama said that he had to ask
Farrakhan to distance himself publically from his campaign (when running
for the house of representatives because quote: “My Jewish support
would dry up
faster than a snowball in hell.” And why would Obama concern himself
with this? The list is too long for one post but a few quotes from
“Hitler was a great man and Judaism is a gutter religion.” “Jews are
the filth of Hollywood and society.” Yet Obama’s church gives
the guy a lifetime achievement award for optimizing greatness'”

OK we all have heard the God damn America statements from the
honorable Reverend Wright. And ok you and others who buy into it are
saying that Wright is just
angry at the policies of America and really didn’t mean the God Dam
statement literally. So how about his statement that America is
responsible for 9-11
because of their “one-sided support for Israel who is attacking
innocent Palestinians.”

Moving on to Bill Ayres. Oh yes, Obama supporters would have us believe he was “just a guy in Obama’s neighborhood” that got a little
back when Obama was only 8 years old. uh huh? But Bill Ayres who was
co-founder of the Weather Underground and admittedly made the plans to
bomb the US Capital
and the Pentagon as well as other government buildings and police
stations, was interviewed in 2001 after 9-11 where he stated (quote:
“I do not regret
setting the bombs and I feel we didn’t do enough.” This neighborhood
guy held big fund raisers for Obama and Obam’s political career began in
Ayres living room. And it so happens that Ayres also worked on other
fund raisers one of which was to raise funds for anti-Israel activities
and raising money
for the Palestinian cause. Recently (within the past several weeks,
Obama told reporters that “Ayres is an educator and a respectable man.”

Moving on, lets look at Rashid Khalidi, another fundraiser and dinner
partner of Obama. Khalidi was the Director of the press agency to the
PLO. At a
fundraiser at the AAAN Arab American Action Network, this key speaker
stated Quote ” Israel is an apartied system in creation and is a
destructive racist
State.” Obama was in attendance at this dinner and also was a key
speaker. Khalidi constantly expressed support for the Palestinian
terrorist suicide
bombers stating that the bombings were “a response to Israeli
aggression.” Khalidi even dedicated his book “Under Seige” (a scary and
interesting read), to “those who gave their lives in defense of
Palestine.” In 2000, Khalidi held a successful fundraiser for Obama’s
failed bid
for a seat in the US House Of Representatives.

Ok let’s move on from Obama’s supporters and fundraiser friends to his advisers

Samantha Powers, one of Obama’s top advisers was asked in 2002 how
she would advise the President of the United States if she had the
chance. She said that
she would advise the President to cut the support of Israel and instead
to invest billions of dollars on Palestine. She repeated these comments
in 2008 when
she was officially working for Obama. Powers also suggested that the
USA should invade Israel to enforce a peace settlement with Palestine.
Powers was forced
to quit her position after she called Hillary Clinton a monster.
Apparently THAT was inappropriate.

Another Obama top adviser, Robert Malley, a known sympathizer of
Hezbollah and Hamas. He is the one who suggested negotiations with
them because he believed
that Hamas and Hezzbollah were “simply trying to create a functioning
government on Palestine.” Hamas is quoted to say “there is no blood
better than the blood of a Jew” And the Jerusalem post is quoted as
saying of these groups “To varying degrees all of them exhibit
hostility toward
Israel appeasing Jihadists.”

Let us also not forget that Obama during his career in politics
attended and was supported financially and personally by the Black
Panthers who also made
heinous anti semitic statements. During the democratic primaries, the
Black Panthers newsletters were on Obama’s website and they were only
taken down when
the press got ahold of it and they feared losing the Jewish vote.

Bottom line is, Obama has made some very strange choices for
financial backers and policy advisers. I have to ask; does Obama agree
with these people and
actually have a hidden agenda, or does he simply have dangerously naive
judgment? Either way, I cannot with good conscience cast a vote for a
man that has
this many questionable associations.

OK I could have bought into the Rev Wright “Like a crazy uncle but
don’t agree with him” response that Obama made. But how many crazy
friends, advisers, respected colleagues etc does Obama have?

Do I think you LD, and I are average American voters?. Not really.
The average voters really do not look into all that much other than
what they seen on local
news and news channels. Then there are others that feel they are
informed because they spend time surfing on the internet. How many have
read “The Audacity
of Hope” and “Dreams of My Father” by Barrack Obama. Hpw many have read
“Under Seige” by Rashid Khalidi.. How many have read the
writings or a speech from Bill Ayres? Not the average American voter.

I don’t know many Joe six packs. I don’t drink beer or anything
that comes in cans six pack or otherwise. And I am a city woman and
have not had any
real encounter with a pig with or without lipstick. I don’t even
personally know any plumbers named Joe or by any other name.

But I do know that Obama’s friends are far from average Americans,
and I strongly suspect by their own writings, speeches, interviews, and
actions that
they absolutely do not have America’s best interests or Israels best
Interests at heart.

Am I absolutely thrilled over McCain and Palin? Not really. As I
said I know that all of the domestic issues American’s want their
government to fix, are
not very fixable right now, so we need to know that and each do what we
can, and not assume that the government can afford to fix everything
that any of them
promise in a campaign speech. Maybe we need to actually do what JFK
said “Ask not what our country can do for you, ask what you can do for
country.” I think we need to not look for a President who will “do for
us.” We need instead to protect our country from those who may do us

What I am confident in though is that John McCain and Sarah Palin are
not anti American’s and do not seem to have a circle of friends and
associations that
blow up buildings, support terrorists, or are anti Semites that mean
harm to America or Israel.

Will there be change under a McCain/Palin administration. Perhaps
some slow and steady change in hopefully a good direction. But as I
said I do not see
economic changes and health care changes and all that coming from
government. Since there is a majority of democrats in the house, I
think there would be a
good check and balance and some agreements to pass good bills across
the aisle.

But considering that there would be no check and balance with a democratic house majority, and we really have no idea what the Obama
agenda could be; we need
to consider the old saying “birds of a feather flock together,” and
proceed on the side of caution and good judgment from what we do know,
and not
on what we hope things to be.

And in closing just in the event someone thinks I am a racist. No
racism here. Just an American Jew that supports America and Israel, and
I do not want the
wrong kind of change that could ultimately put America or Israel in
jeopardy. The mere possibility of such change is risky and dangerous.
This is not a fear
rherotic. It is just common sense. Obama’s supporters and advisers are
what they are by there own admission, and that is not what I want for
my Country.

Do I understand what it is like to be a poor African American
raised in the Southern USA? No. But I do have roots from a people some
still living that know
what it is like to see family members go to the gas chambers, and NONE
of them are filled with the hate that I see spewing from the African
communities. Every wonder why holocaust survivors of the 20th century
can have a positive and peaceful attitude, while the sons and daughters
of slavery in the
19th century are militant? Maybe because they knew that they had to
take responsibility for their futures, and not waste time lashing out
in violent militant
anger. Slavery was horrible as was the holocaust. But I will not feel
guilty for someone else’s hate and anger. Many of Obama’s radical
friends are white,
some are Arab, a some are African American’s. Obama was not raised in
the South and he went to expensive colleges and had loads of
opportunity that was
backed and funded by who knows? He was raised in Hawaii, not
Mississippi, and if you were ever in Hawaii in the 60’s and 70’s you
would know that
Hawaiians, although their state was now part of America still
considered themselves not American and they highly honored their last
King David Kalakaua.
Obama was not raised as an American with either black or white American
values. But throughout his young life to present day he has acquired
strange friends
and was influenced by ideas that are the farthest thing from American
values of any sort.

I implore every Jew that has ever uttered the words “Never Again”
that we consider what those words mean, and how we can be sure that
atrocities and
violent anti semitism never does happen again. We cannot just vote for
a man that we cannot explain why he has so many anti semitic
associations, and then just
say well we need change from the Bush administration. Or well, the
economy is bad so lets just vote for the guy that promises change
because he has a good
talk, he’s intelligent, he looks good and he is popular, and he reaches
out to the youth etc: Well so did Hitler.

And one more thing I wish to share. I had a conversation with a lady
lately. A fellow Jew. When I asked her what she knew about Bill Ayres
she said, well he
created a little mischief for himself when he was young but he is a
teacher now. I asked her then if she was Ok about having one of her own
children be taught
by a man who was an admitted and unrepentant terrorist. To which she
replied, well I am not sure but I think anyone is better than Bush. Ok
folks I am no
lover of Bush. I didn’t vote for him, and his approval ratings are low
with me. But she would prefer to have a terrorist teach her kids than
have Bush as
President? Sorry, but I fear this logic is more along the line of the
average American voter. I do not consider myself that kind of average.
I do hope people
read those books and not just the internet or the news channels before
they pull that lever or punch that card.

God bless America and Israel. And I pray that a decade from now my
children and grandchildren will still have the freedom that we all now

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