The Abortion Issue

I find it hard to believe we are still discussing abortion after forty years! I agree it is an important topic,
however it seems to dominate every political discussion that takes
place. The future of the world does not depend on whether or not a
woman can have an abortion. There are other much more important issues
that should determine whom we elect as president.

The only
thing discussed on the abortion issue are the rights of the mother.
Those are important, however there are many other issues. No doubt
moral issues are important, is it proper to take the life of another,
life of some sort begins at conception, whether or not the baby has a
soul or consciousness until later, or if the breath of life begins at
the moment of birth.

How many people living today would be here
if their mothers had a choice? How many women have an abortion as a
matter of convenience because they don’t want to be bothered with a
baby. I often wonder whatever happened to personal responsibility and common sense ?
I would think it would be extremely difficult for a woman to abandon
her personal instincts as a mother and abort a child, seems to me there
would be long term issues.

Why doesn’t the father have a choice
in the matter? If the baby is born,and the mother decides to keep the
baby, guess who they come to with a vengeance for child support. What
happens if the father wants to raise the child, normally he has no
choice in the matter, it’s a lose, lose, situation. Rightly so, if the
baby is born, he pays support, it the baby is aborted, he has no say in
the matter.  It is the responsibility of both parents,seems to me both
parents should have a choice, if the father wants to raise the child on
his own, he should be able to do so!

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has certainly added another perspective to this equation.
How many of us could do what she is doing? How many of us would not
abort if we knew our child was going to be handicapped or deformed?

think it’s great that a woman is finally standing up and taking a
position on the other side of the equation. For too long we have only
heard one side of this issue. Life has been cheapened because of that.
By only hearing one side, it has made it sound as if all women favor
abortion. They don’t. Only a small portion feel that it is OK under any

Too many people consider it a normal procedure,
Let’s just have an abortion to get rid of the kid. Whatever happened to
personal responsibility and self control?

Legalizing abortion
has resulted in over 4 million abortions being performed, you can’t
tell me that all these women wrestled with the situation before having
the procedure. Some did, but to a vast majority, it has just become a
form of birth control, in the process the sanctity of motherhood has
been compromised and cheapened.

Too many people feel that if
their daughter would make a “mistake” and become pregnant, they
wouldn’t want her punished with a child, since when is a baby
punishment? There are no mistakes in life, only learning experiences!

was always told the best way for a woman to not get pregnant was to put
an aspirin between their knees and keep it there until your date
brought you home. In other words ,you do have a choice, if you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t get pregnant.

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