John McCain or Barack Obama, who will win?

The election of 2008 is almost here, who is going to win?
It is hard to believe that we as a country have changed
this much in twenty years. 20 years ago John McCain would have been a
Democrat and Barack Obama would have been knocked out of the race
months ago because of his left leaning radical ideas and associates.

Such behavior has been accepted as normal by many people, we have all
become too accepting of unacceptable behavior, all in the name of
political correctness.
How can someone be considered as electable to the highest office in
America, when he sits in a church and listens to Reverend Wright
condemn America and everything it stands for. There is a question as to
whether Barack is a Muslim, judging from the tone of Rev. Wright’s
sermons, he is not a Christan, I don’t think Jesus would approve. It
also shows lack of good judgment, a normal person would have left
during the first five minutes of the first sermon, it wouldn’t have
taken 20 years.
Never have I seen a Presidential candidate give a female candidate,
(Hillary) the “bird” as Barack did during the primaries, or call
another Vice Presidential candidate a pig, very Presidential!!

All politicians have associates of questionable character,it goes with
the territory, however there are limits, this guy has no normal
friends. Almost everyone of them is a radical or a terrorist. People
who don’t like the United States and want to our way of life destroyed.

Reverend Wright, his mentor and spiritual advisor certainly qualifies, I go to church to be uplifted not to hear hate speech.
William Ayres, a 60s radical who tried to blow up the pentagon and
Capitol, who expressed no remorse and only regrets he didn’t do more.
Barack launched his political career in Ayre’s living room.
 Bill Ayres wrote a book, “Prairie Fire” that he dedicated to Sirhan
Sirhan, for the younger crowd this is the guy who assassinated Bobby
Kennedy. Then the Kennedys turn around and endorse Barack for
president. Does that make sense?
 Obama says that Ayres did all this when Barack was only 8, this book
was written later than that, plus many of Ayres statements were made
after 911, Barack wasn’t 8 then. Another sign of poor judgment.
Ayres is now a college professor,this brings up another question, what
are the colleges teaching today? Would you want your child educated by
this nut job?
It has been reported that Obama received much funding for his Harvard
Law Degree from Arab sources.It’s obvious he didn’t pay for all his
college with student loans.
Along these same lines, his campaign has received hundreds of thousands
of dollars of contributions from foreign sources, I wonder who these
people were.
Louis Farrakhan,another radical is still another associate, Farrakhan’s daughter works for Hugo Chavez.

Another confidant of Barack is a man named Khalidi.

Khalidi reportedly
once served as the spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization while it was a U.S.-designated terror group.

April, the L.A. Times reported on a farewell party Obama attended in
2003 for Khalidi, who had been a fellow professor at the University of
Chicago. At the party, Obama purportedly “reminisced about meals
prepared by Khalidi’s wife, Mona, and conversations that had challenged
his thinking.”

Why is the Jewish community afraid to support a Mormon, people who as a whole have great family values and work ethics, and then turn around and support someone with suspected ties to the Arab world?

Speaking of the economy, two of the principle players that lead to
the downfall of the mortgage industry were men named Johnson and
Raines, they are now financial advisers of Obama’s. Barney Frank, Nancy
Pelosi and Harry Reid all liberals,had a hand in forcing mortgage
companies to make loans to people who couldn’t afford them, do we want
them fixing the problem they caused? More bad judgment.

The left opposed everything Bush tried to do, he tried to reform
Social Security, they said it is in great shape, WRONG! He tried to
reform health care, same deal!

None of the socialists policies Barack is proposing  work,they have
been tried in other countries and have never worked anywhere. In fact
some of these same policies actually helped to bring on the Great

was a murdering tyrant, he was paying parents $25,000 to strap bombs on
their children and send them to Israel. There is evidence that he was
meeting with terrorists and supporting them , there were training camps
in Iraq, evidence of production facilities of WMD’s were found, all of
this was ignored by the media. I have always been proud of my country,
but one of my proudest moments was when our Marines pulled down that
obnoxious statue of Saddam!

The war was at times poorly managed, but when we finally got on the
right track, the left along with Obama said the surge wasn’t working,
even before our troops had left the United States. To this day, Obama
won’t admit that it worked.  They are still trying to turn it into
another Vietnam,which was I remind you, ran by liberals. More bad judgment.

Do we want someone running the country who is afraid to go on Fox
News , although Barack was finally humiliated enough to appear on
O”Reilly, he was as nervous as a prostitute in church! If they are
afraid of Fox news,how can they stand up to our enemies?

No matter the question,if one opposes Obama, they are labeled a
racist or bigot, a TV station near Orlando questioned Joe Biden, asking
if Obama’s policies were Marxist, guess what! The station was informed
they would no longer have access to Obama and his campaign, what happened to freedom of speech
? I assume we no longer have the right to ask questions, the questions
have to be cleared first, we don’t have a right to know how a candidate
feels about issues?

The events that have been happening in this election would make my
grandparents roll over in their graves, can you imagine what the founding fathers would think?

I don’t hold the Republicans entirely blameless either, there is
enough fault to go around . They abandoned their principles in the
early 2000s, the principles that got them elected in 1994, and gave us
a balanced budget for much of the 90s.

The next four years aren’t going to be easy no matter who gets
elected,however Barack is untested, has never held a management
position and votes “present” on important matters in the senate. During
the Financial crisis he told congress , “Go ahead and take care of it,
if you need me I’ll come.” Is that the actions of a leader?

On the other hand, McCain has been around the block a time or two.
He can handle anything, I don’t always agree with him, but at least he
has been tested. He also doesn’t have ties to people who would like to
do harm to our country.

Sarah Palin has more common sense and good judgment in her little
finger than Obama has in his whole body.She embellishes the ideals that
made this country great, what she lacks in experience, she more than
makes up for in common sense. I’ll take common sense over experience
any day of the week!

I don’t know about you, but for me I’ll keep my guns and bible, you can keep the change. Widgets

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