Turn ‘Em Loose,Obama!

I see in the paper this morning that President -ElectBarack Obama
wants to move the terrorists that are incarcerated in Gitmo to the
United States, try them in our courts, with the possibility of them
being released into this country if found”not guilty”.
That’s a wonderful idea, let’s bring the very people that want to kill us right into the country, no passport needed!

them scoot right on past homeland security and settle into a
neighborhood near you! The very people , who when released will go
right back to the battlefield and are recaptured by our troops for a
second time. At least we won’t ever have to worry about our military
having something to do.
 It reminds me of our catch and release
program for illegal aliens here in the U.S. I wonder why the crime rate
is so high, why are our prisons overcrowded?

Lets hand them a voter registration card and a drivers license at the gate, we wouldn’t want them to not feel welcome, or to suffer any loss of self esteem.

sure their issues are caused by a lack of understanding on our part.
I’m sure they had a bad childhood, their parents were probably
terrorists also, they are only a product of their environment. Some of
them probably lost siblings because of Saddam’s policy of paying
parents to strap bombs on their children and sending them to Israel.
Let’s give them a break, how about if they join the PTA?

the best place to have them live, so they could really understand the
United States, would be the south side of Chicago, there is a nice
church there! They could also move to 1595 Pennsylvania Ave. in
Washington D.C. Thus enabling our new president to observe first hand
the problem so he could make another wise , informed decision.

, this is but the first of a long list of decisions that will be made
by the incoming administration, decisions we are all going to live to

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