The Right to Bear Arms

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the
security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear
Arms, shall not be infringed.

is one ,if not the most important one, of our basic rights as
Americans. Most people don’t realize how important it is. It consists
of two parts, a well regulated militia, and our personal rights to keep
and bear arms.

The first part, a well regulated militia is the responsibility of our government,
that is what protects us from the bad guys around the world. If our
government doesn’t keep us safe from foreign invasion, then all the
rest of the rights we enjoy as Americans are meaningless and would soon
disappear. Diplomacy is  fine and should be exercised at the highest
level, but when all is said and done , the guy with the biggest gun
wins. Always has been , Always will be.

Our personal
right to keep and bear arms is just as important, if not more so. We
all know a government , any government does a poor job doing whatever
it sets out to do. What happens if the government fails to keep us safe
as a nation, it could happen, certain political parties always decimate
the military when they come into power. What if our form of government
changes, it could happen,the first thing a dictator does is take away
peoples guns. I for one don’t want to be sitting in my house, helpless
under those circumstances.

Our country could never fall to a foreign power if the citizens have weapons!

2nd Amendment has a lot to do with the fact that terrorists haven’t
opened fire in shopping malls and restaurants in this country like they
have in other places around the world, someone in the crowd is always
armed, and they would start shooting back.

People say, “Well if someone breaks into my house, I’ll call 911.”

What do you do during the fifteen minutes it takes for the police to arrive? Serve tea and crumpets?

a criminal knows the owner has a gun or dog , they will go elsewhere.
Criminals are basically cowards, they pick on people whom they can
overpower, or  assume are weak.

Point a gun at a criminal,
chances are you won’t have to use it, they will turn and run. Their
group  health insurance doesn’t cover gun shot wounds. I myself never
want to have to shoot someone,however if the choice arises as to who
survives, me or thee,it will be me.

People say guns can fall
into the wrong hands, let me remind you , the wrong hands already have
guns. Drugs are illegal, People that use drugs can buy them
anywhere,the same would hold true for guns. I don’t want to live in a
society where only criminals and the government have guns, it is too
hard to tell the two apart.

I grew up on a farm in the 50’s , we
had several guns stacked against the kitchen wall, the cabinet drawer
was full of ammunition and fire crackers., As a child I dared not touch
them, if I had, my dad, mom and grandparents would have skun me alive.
I was taught respect for them and what they said.

Like every
other boy, I had a cap pistol, I only pointed it at someone once, my
mom , in her convincing manner, instructed me that wasn’t the proper
thing to do, I had better not do it again. I didn’t! I wasn’t perfect,
but it finally soaked in that I should listen to my parents once in a

I received my first gun when I was nine,a 22 rifle for Christmas, and thus began my hunting career, mainly rabbits. Although I no longer hunt , it provided me with many hours of being outside and enjoying nature, not to mention occasionally  supplying the family with a tasty meal!

The chances of a foreign power overtaking our country are fairly slim, but do you want to take the chance?

Do you think our government would ever try to over step their authority? Do I have to ask?

The founders of our country were geniuses,
they made the right to keep and bear arms our 2nd Amendment, falling in
importance only behind the right to free speech. Without the 2nd
amendment, the 1st amendment would be no more. They knew what they were

Never Forget!!

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