Whatever Happened to Bipartisianship and the free exchange of Ideals?

Excerpts from The Rush Limbaugh Show!

Somebody sent me an e-mail picture supposedly of Ann Coulter on an
airplane, but the picture is taken, like, from a flight attendant
looking down at people seated in coach.  I don’t think it’s Ann Coulter
because I don’t think she flies coach, but it might be. It looks like
it could be.  She’s wearing a mask, a surgical mask to keep germs away
and so forth.  That sounds like Ann Coulter. 

But can you
believe the gift NBC gave Ann Coulter by banning her from the Today
Show today? The first news of this came that she was banned for life.
Some stupid NBC exec let the cat out of the bag and said, “We just
don’t want anybody who doesn’t like Obama. We don’t want a critic of
Obama. This is not the time for it. This is not what the audience
wants.”  Her book is not a critique of Obama! It is a critique of the
liberal Drive-By Media and how liberalism has destroyed a bunch of our culture ! This appearance was booked, I don’t know how long ago, on the
Today Show, and then they banned her from all cable outlets, PMSNBC,
CNBC, banned her for life! What a gift. What an absolute gift! So CBS,
Harry Smith booked her today, and it was no contest. Harry tried to
stand up to her, but it was no contest.  She knows the material; he
doesn’t.  He is part of what she is an expert on and doesn’t understand
it.  It was hilarious. What? No, Mr. Snerdley, the media don’t see
themselves be Stalinist.

Anyway, we’re going to have her on the
program to talk about it whenever she gets back.  I want her to come in
and do it live, not on the phone.  She’s up in New York doing all these
appearances.  I have my copy of the book.  It’s typical Ann Coulter. 
It’s just amazing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to rewrite House rules today to ensure
that the Republican minority is unable to have any influence on
legislation. Pelosi’s proposals are so draconian,” basically she’s
going to get rid of all of the rules that the Gingrich House came up
with.  “Pelosi’s rule changes — which may be voted on today — will
reverse the fairness rules that were written around Newt Gingrich’s
‘Contract with America.'”  If she gets her way, Republicans will not be
able to offer alternative bills. Republicans will not be able to offer
amendments to Democrat bills.  They will not even be offered the guarantee of open debate accessible by motions to recommit for any
piece of legislation during the entire 111th Congress.  Nancy Pelosi is
effectively going to shut ’em out.  This is from Nancy Pelosi, by the
way, who after the 2006 victories was talking about the new
bipartisanship, the new transparency, the new openness and all this
sort of stuff.  Now the Stalinist tactics are coming into play, and it
will be interesting to see how the Republicans deal with this.  I know
they wrote a letter and they signed it, they asked her not to do this
and so forth, they protested it and so forth. 

I was just
watching a little bit of C-SPAN, the volume was down, I’m reading the
closed-captioning — I probably shouldn’t mention this because I don’t
know what Boehner was talking about.  Boehner was up there giving his
speech as a Republican leader prior to Pelosi being sworn in and he
said something, I don’t know who he was talking about, but what I did
read in the closed-captioning was that he, “crossed the aisle and
worked together for the American people,” and the whole place stood up
and applauded.  Now, if Boehner said that and the Democrats stood up
and applauded, something’s wrong.  I don’t know who he’s talking
about.  I’m sorry, I didn’t catch all of it.  I don’t know who it was
that was being applauded for standing up and reaching across the aisle.
I don’t know if it was McCain, I have no idea.  If you want to get
depressed, I will admit, there are reasons to get depressed and angry
out there, there’s no question about it, but elections have
consequences, and depression isn’t going to accomplish anything,
folks.  Action is.  And the next set of elections is 2010. 

Story #8: Obama Took Big Money from Richardson’s Rubin

From ABC News: “President-elect Barack Obama took big money from a man
at the center of a federal probe that has forced one of Obama’s top
Cabinet picks to withdraw.  Financial records show the Obama campaign
got more than $30,000 from California financier David Rubin, the target
of an investigation into donations and possible ‘pay-to-play’ deals
involving New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Obama’s [former] pick for
commerce secretary.  …  “David Rubin Attended Exclusive Hollywood
Fundraiser for Obama [he] sat at Table 17 — one table away from
Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘Survivor’ producer David Katzenberg and comedian
Chris Rock.”  So, humph! “In early September — two weeks before Rubin
attended Obama’s Beverly Hills fundraiser — a group of Alabamans sued
Rubin’s firm,” and this we reported to you in December; that’s when it
came to light, “and others over multi-billion dollar bond deals. The
suit alleged [that Rubin’s company] CDR was part of a conspiracy which
defrauded citizens and with bribery and corruption.”  So this guy was
at Obama fundraisers and giving money to Bill Richardson.  I said
earlier, “When I’m watching the Senate get sworn in, it’s like the bank
opening the vaults to the thieves and welcoming them in.”

Story #9: Richardson Wanted Bunch of Convention Freebies

Oh, I saw something else about Richardson last night on television. 
One of the things he asked this outfit to do — maybe not be CDR, but
some outfit. He asked for some company to pick up his personal expenses
at the Democrat National Convention.  Now, when you ask that, as
opposed to it being offered, you’re opening yourself up for quid pro
quo. But the thing that hit me about that more than the possible
political corruption — and this, it’s starting to irritate me more and
more about
I know some people personally are this way.  Mr. Richardson, if you
want to go to the Democrat convention, pay for it your damn self!  If
you want to get a nice hotel, pay for it your damn self.  If your
salary doesn’t give you the opportunity, go to the DNC to do it; or
don’t go, or stay in a cheaper place or don’t throw a big party for
everybody.  What is this notion that people in politics are entitled to
everybody else’s money?  They’re entitled to yours and ours to spend;
they’re entitled to lobbyists to party off of. 

This is a big
personal bugaboo of mine — and I know a lot of people whose active
life philosophy is to get where you want with connections.  Scratch my
back; I’ll scratch yours.  Don’t do it on the basis of achievement,
don’t do it on the basis of deserving it, do it on the basis of
connections.  Ask somebody to pay your way here, pay your way there. 
Use somebody else’s money, even if you’re a big corporate type. How
about this guy that gets a $750 billion golden parachute, gets an
apartment, gets access to the company plane? If you’re given $750
billion, don’t take the apartment and go get your own plane! Do you
realize how many people in our culture — at the top, the people that
we elect to run our affairs, do you realize how many of them — are
frauds who think other people’s money is theirs?  How do you think
these people that make 150 grand a year in the Senate or the House live
the way they do? 

You know, it’s not the system that’s
corrupt.  It’s corrupt people who think of themselves as royalty who
have these expectations.  Remember Dan “Rosty” Rostenkowski? We found
out that he’s out to dinner every night with lobbyists and whoever, and
they’re paying the freight. Sigh… See, this is why I could never go
into politics and while I’ll never have a whole lot of friends in this
world, is because I don’t accept stuff like this without an immediate
payback or compensation because I don’t want to be obligated.  Now, if
friends take me to dinner, it’s a different thing. Friends are friends.
I once worked for the Kansas City Royals, and I was in charge of
special events — you know, the little fireworks on the Fourth of July,
the giveaway items and so forth — and I had a fireworks guy call me up
and offer me season tickets to the Steelers on the sly if I would hire
his fireworks firm. I went right to my boss, and told him about it, and
the boss said, “What are you going to do?”  I said, “You have to ask? 
There’s no way!” I’m amazed people think they can get away with this
stuff, but the problem is the people we’re talking about get away with
it.  Richardson could get away with having somebody else pay his
freight at the convention.  That just so offends me.  Go on vacation
and say, “I think somebody else ought to pay for it.” My gosh, and I
call somebody to ask them to do it?  Talk about manners and class! This is off the charts, and this is who these people are.

Story #10: NYT: Drive-Bys in Dark on Richardson Shenanigans

Look at this New York Times story on Bill Richardson: “In Santa Fe,
Staying Can Also Be Such Sweet Sorrow.”  This is a story about how the
media had no idea that all this was happening until Richardson quit. 
And they didn’t have to work hard to dig up past Richardson shenanigans
because it was all in the local Drive-By Media out there.

Story #11: Panetta Has Much More Experience Than Obama

One other thing about Leon Panetta. We talked about him earlier and why
he got the gig here but let me tell you something. I don’t want to hear
about these objections based on Panetta’s “lack of experience” as a spy
or as an intel guy to disqualify him.  There is not one Democrat
looking at this logically who can object to Leon Panetta as head of the
CIA.  If we can have a commander-in-chief with absolutely no
experience, why can’t someone lead the CIA who doesn’t know a peephole
from the ground?  We were told having no experience as a CEO, no
experience as a governor, a mayor, that was somehow a plus. We could
reject people like Sarah Palin, who is experienced. We can reject
people like Roland Burris, who is experienced, but all of a sudden…?
Compared to Barack Obama, Leon Panetta is a grizzled veteran here,

Take a break from the stresses of life!


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