Obama, Return to Camelot?

What will the Obama administration bring? Will it be a return to
Camelot, that fictional fantasy land envisioned at the time of King
Arthur, as many would like?

His appointments lead us to believe that his administration will be anything but Camelot.

US president-elect
Barack Obama’s so-called “climate czar” Carol Browner has been exposed
as being a member of Socialist International, a highly influential
group that advocates the implementation of global government.

Links of Browner to Socialist International have been
removed from their site, but an earlier version shows her membership to
the organization. Browner also ran the EPA during the Clinton
administration from 1993-2001, the longest-serving Administrator in the
agency’s history.

Socialist International calls for the institution of “democratic forms of global governance
as the foundation for building a peaceful and sustainable world society
overall.” The group’s charter of principles also states that “A
principal task of new global governance must be to ensure that the
benefits of global economic growth and the opportunities for economic
development are distributed fairly”.

Eric Holder, his nominee for attorney General is the same
Eric Holder that pardoned Marc Rich and the FARC terrorists under the
Clinton administration. He also defended a corporation that supported
terrorism in South America and doesn’t know the definition of
terrorism. Do we need this?

The Secretary of Treasury nominee forgot to pay taxes for
several years, hired illegal immigrants and never paid taxes on them.

From all indications during and after the campaign he intends to
silence all critics, eliminate talk radio. They are for free speech
only if one agrees with them. When a local TV station in Orlando asked
smiling Joe Biden a question he thought inappropriate, the station was
banned from further interviews.

Our 2nd amendment rights
would also be eliminated if he has his way, as with every liberal
politician they feel we have no right to defend ourselves. I don’t know
about you but I have no desire to live in a country where only
criminals and crooked politicians have guns.

The bailouts will continue, people are lining up in droves for free
money. There is even a move to bail out the porn industry! How Absurd!!

People don’t really realize
how much of their income goes to pay taxes, instead of the taxes being
withdrawn automatically every American should have to write a check
every week to the government, then it would sink in how much is being

The government is even paying for converter boxes to switch to digital TV, why?

Obama and the democrats have criticized and called Bush
stupid  for his tax cuts, now Obama is suggesting tax cuts, he also
says we can’t withdrawal from Iraq immediately, he is doing some of the
same things Bush either did or wanted to do. In my view if you think
someone is stupid and then turn around and do what they do,  that makes
you double stupid.

From all indications there
is no change , just the same old worn out politicians we have put up
with for 8 years of the Clinton and in some instances the Carter

Corruption and scandals are running rampant, and he isn’t even sworn in yet!

If we survive this is could turn out to be quite amusing, kind of like a three ring circus, certainly not Camelot.

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