Another Great Obama Appointment!

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I saw this article in The Jewish World Review this morning, I thought I would pass it on. Obama’s appointments make no sense whatever to me. It looks like he is paying off political debts rather than picking the best people for the job.

Obamunist Nominee Gave U.S. Port To Communists

By Traditional Values Coalition Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon

January 15, 2009Barack Obama’s choice of Leon
Panetta to head up the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the
greatest gift Obama could give to Islamic terrorists around the globe.

Panetta is a lockstep liberal and former
chief of staff for Bill Clinton who apparently couldn’t even figure out
that Clinton was engaging in lewd sexual conduct with Monica Lewinsky
in the Oval Office. Or, if he did know, why didn’t he tell anyone?
After all, Lewinsky was an intern in Panetta’s office. Didn’t he keep track of her frequent visits to the Oval Office?

Does his loyalty to Clinton qualify him to oversee operation of the most important spy agency in the world?

While serving on Clinton’s staff, he oversaw the search for a new CIA
head to replace James Woolsey who served from 1993-1995. The search
ended with the pick of John Deutsch who ran the agency for 18 months
before resigning. It was later discovered that Deutsch had classified
documents on his home computer and was accessing Russian web sites and

According to former CIA head James Woolsey, Clinton rarely held
intelligence briefings with him. In fact, Woolsey says he never had a
private meeting with Clinton and only twice was summoned for
semi-private meetings.

Woolsey clashed with Panetta in 1993 when Panetta was head of the
Office of Management and Budget (OM. The OMB at the time was
considering sizable cuts in intelligence spending – cuts that Woolsey
opposed. According to a CIA-written history of the time,
Woolsey was concerned about a shrinking intelligence budget when
intelligence targets were multiplying around the globe! Woolsey wanted
more money for unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance. Woolsey
eventually won the support of President Clinton over the objections of
Panetta at the OMB. Panetta later warned Woolsey that he would “pay”
for his budget victory. It is clear that Panetta wanted to hinder the
work of the CIA. Woolsey resigned from the CIA in December, 1994.

Overall, Clinton was clearly more interested in Monica Lewinsky’s
activities under his desk in the Oval Office than he was in national
security issues or Islamic terrorism.

In fact, documents how Bill Clinton’s lax policies on Islamic terrorism led to the 9/11 attacks on our nation in 2001.

Clinton ignored intelligence and offers of cooperation against bin
Laden from several Muslim countries. In addition, Clinton and Sen.
Dennis DeConcini (D-NV) stopped the CIA from hiring Arabic translators
– while phone intercepts from bin Laden remained untranslated!
(“Clinton’s Failed War On Terror,” Washington Times, 12/19/2004)

Panetta’s leftwing credentials are well established. In 1985, for
example, he and 13 other far left congressmen helped sponsor a 20th
anniversary fund-raising event for the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a Marxist-oriented group funded by Communist Party member Samuel Rubin, the Faberge perfume magnate.

It was Leon Panetta who negotiated for Clinton to grant the Communist
Chinese Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO) a 10-year lease on the former
Long Beach Naval Shipyard in California! (A summary of this security
threat is posted in the Congressional Record (May 20, 1997)

Panetta Will Undermine Intelligence Efforts And Endanger Our Nation

Leon Panetta has publicly opposed any intelligence-gathering
technique that involves “torture,” but this term is so broadly defined
as to mean making an Islamic terrorist feel uncomfortable!

Without aggressive interrogation techniques, the CIA will be unable to
obtain the kind of information it needs to keep this nation safe from
another any future 9/11 attack.

Panetta also opposes “rendition,” – the practice of removing terrorists
to secret overseas locations for interrogation. Keeping terrorists
offshore is a way of protecting our nation from prison breaks into our
general population.

Gary Berntsen, a former CIA operative was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly
on Panetta. Berntsen was stunned that Panetta had been picked to run
the agency. “You could have knocked me over with a feather. I – you
know, after this decision to chose Gates to run, you know, the
Department of Defense, I thought that Obama would choose a – someone
who had a vision of this, a bit more aggressive vision of this and not
someone so far to the left. Clearly, we need someone with a warrior
ethos to lead the CIA.”

According to Bernsten: “I think it’s clear that Democratic presidents
historically have been afraid of the agency. Jimmy Carter went in there
and gutted the place with Stansfield Turner. John Deutch did the same
thing for Bill Clinton. Hopefully, Leon Panetta hasn’t been given
walking instructions to.”

Bernsten is concerned that Panetta will destroy the morale of the CIA agents if they’re prohibited from taking risks.

Colonel David Hunt was on the same show with Berntsen. Here’s his take
on Panetta: “Yes, I think it’s a – they think it’s a dumb decision. And
this is like – what’s saying about Panetta, what’s being said is
because he’s read intelligence as chief of staff in the Clinton White
House, he can therefore be a CIA director. That’s like making a
principal of a high school who read a history book, a four star general
in charge of Afghanistan. This is – to the man and woman I talked to,
retired and active military, retired and active intelligence officers
just shaking their head.”

Hunt noted: “What they’ve [Obamunists] done putting Panetta in there is
putting a stake in the heart of the agency and try to kill it. This is
not a good situation at all.” (Source: The O’Reilly Factor, Jan. 6, 2009

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