Good Democrats say

Good Democrats Say…

    * Avoid the truth at all costs.


    * Success should be punished and failure rewarded.

    * It is okay to file false affidavits with a federal court if you don’t want to be held accountable for your actions.

    * There is no place in society for honesty.

    * Only the government knows what is good for you and what you deserve out of life.

    * You are to stupid to make your own decisions.


* Vote buying with give away programs is good politics.

    * If you tell an untruth often enough and loud enough it will become the truth.

    * People don’t kill people, guns do.

    * Don’t confuse me with facts, I am happy living in my make believe world.

    * Only we should vote.

    * What the majority wants is irrelevant.

    * The constitution is just a piece of paper.

    * The government is my shepherd I shall not want.

    * Judges were appointed to write laws.

    * If you can read this, you are probably a Republican.

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