Marching Towards Socialism and Marxism

This was written in response to a remark a reader made defending socialism and Obama.

Heading for Socialism

Sad but true, it’s a shame that millions of people had died in defense
of liberty, all the way from General Washington’s troops marching half
naked and barefoot through the snow in Jersey, to soldiers dying in
Iraq, and now we have come to this point in time when people welcome
Socialism and Marxism. That isn’t what they sacrificed for!

Twenty years ago Obama would have been gone
after the Rev. Wright fiasco. Now values mean nothing. Bill Ayres, a
confidant of Obama bombed the Pentagon and Capitol, what in the hell are people
like this doing having access to our president?

American’s have
lost their individualism, everyone wants something for nothing.(buy now , pay later). They
think that government is the answer, government has always been the
problem.  Our founding fathers tried to warn us against this.

People need to read the documents that our country is founded on. Our
country was founded on good moral and financial principles, if some one
today mentions those same principles, they are made out to be an idiot.
No wonder so many people are in financial and moral decay.

We are going the way of Europe and the rest of the world, America will
no longer be special and a place where someone can come to to make his

People say conservatives should move towards the center, That is what is so stupid, if conservatives move to the center, they
are no longer conservative, conservatism isn’t  a good old boy white club, why do
leftists always have to bring race into it.

In reality conservatives are inclusive, we’ve had women run for
Vice-President, blacks in high offices in several administrations,(Bush
had more blacks than Clinton)and supported equal rights more than the
liberals have.(The southern Democrats would have never allowed equal
rights to become law.) The main reason certain  people  are
attracted to democrats is because they are led to believe they will get
something for nothing, after the elections they are always
disappointed, and then they turn around and vote for the same people
that lied to them. Stupidity is defined as doing something over and over again and expecting different results.
Liberal values never last and they flat out don’t work, no matter how many times they are tried , they are always a failure.

Let’s see, which government program really works and is cost efficient?
Social Security, Medicare, Post Office(it only began to show a profit
when it was privatized).Public schools, Guess there is nothing in that list. When you
send $1.00 to Washington, you’re lucky to get $.25 in return.
The politicians really can’t be blamed, they really don’t know any
better and most are highly influenced by power and money. You can only
blame the people for re-electing the jerks they do, once in office, it
is pretty much a life time job.
Very few have conservative values, in this country a person gets
shouted down for being religious,paying his bills, trying to do the
right thing or anything else that makes sense. Until that changes, our
country will continue to go down the path it’s headed.

I hope people wake up soon.
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