Obama and the Wizard of Oz

I heard a good analogy on a Sunday morning talk show concerning Obama
and the current financial situation. I think it best describes what he
is trying to do better than anything else I have heard.The hosts were comparing Obama and our present administration with the classic 1939 movie, “The Wizard of Oz.”
In their analogy, as in the movie,Dorothy,as well as Obama’s mother, was from Kansas and as such displayed good moral values. Dorothy then traveled to Oz , a land of fantasy and illusion.
there, Dorothy experienced a tornado, in the analogy,  the tornado was
referred to as the large deficit that Obama is creating, it’s what is
hiding behind the curtain that Obama doesn’t want to talk about.
The wicked, evil, witch was referred to as Nancy Pelosi,she was the one who was trying to bring hardship to everyone.
the meantime,the state run media is trying to convince us the economy
is improving when it  isn’t. Do you think it can do that?
The state
run media spent eight years trying to convinced everyone  we were
having a bad economy when it was actually good, so now they are trying
to convince us the economy is good when it is actually in the tank.
They can and will do that. Most people are too busy with their daily
lives to stay informed, they only catch a blurb on the evening news and
that becomes the basis of their information.
media and  Obama say in one breath the economy is improving and in the
next breath announce that 14 GM plants are closing as well many car
dealerships,in the process laying off thousands of people.
Do you think anything public officials can be believed?,
said that social security would never be taxed, now not only is Social
Security being taxed, they are talking of taxing employer paid health
care benefits.
In spite of the fact that social security was never
designed to pay anything out, the minimum age to start drawing benefits
was 65, and the life span at that time was 64,
many still think of FDR as a great president .
fall to socialism probably started with his “New Deal”, accelerated
with the great society of Lyndon Johnson and jumped into high gear
under George Bush and accelerated into supersonic speed under the
regime of Obama.

Although we have been headed for a financial
crisis for years, I am still skeptical about how the financial collapse
of Sept 08 came about, it happened just 5 weeks before an election, I
find it hard to believe that it wasn’t contrived by the democrats to
create a bit of a financial crisis and it got out of hand. There are no
accidents in life, everything happens for a reason.

In the end, Dorothy found that only Dorothy could save Dorothy , no one else could do it.

it is in real life, neither Obama nor the government can save us.
Americans must learn to save themselves. It really doesn’t work as
Dorothy did, we can’t just click our heels three times and be saved.
The only method that will work is to go back to sound economic and spiritual principles, realize nothing happens overnight , work  hard and smart, to build for the future.

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