Sarah Palin, talking common sense.

And people think this woman is crazy.
she is the only politician talking sense right now.
This excerpt was taken from the Rush Limbaugh show.

Sarah Palin was in Alaska.  Michael Reagan went up there for a speech,
and she introduced Michael Reagan.  Sarah Palin in Alaska yesterday.

Friends, we need to be aware of the creation of a fearful population
and of fearful lawmakers being led to believe that big government is
the answer.  To bail out the private sector because then, government
gets to get in there and control it and, mark my words, this is going
to happen next, I fear — bail out next, debt-ridden states, then
government gets to get in there and control the people.

That was Wednesday and that’s Sarah Palin. Bailing out the states,
that’s the next thing to happen, and then you bail out the broadcast
companies, then you own them.  And then you bail out the newspapers and
then you own them.  And she’s warned this is about controlling people. 
And, of course, it’s interesting to note the Republican Party despises
this woman, the powers that be in the Republican Party.  She also said

PALIN:  Since when can you get outta huge national debt by
creating trillions of dollars of new debt?  It all really is so
backwards and skewed as to sound like absolute nonsense.

Everybody is asking this question, we’re all asking, “Where are the
American people?” We all know this is not how you do it.  Snerdley just
told me a funny story. I went back to his orifice during the break here
at the top of the hour.  You’ve got a friend working at a bank, did you
say?  He’s got a friend working in the loan department in a bank and
said people are still coming and saying, “Are you issuing mortgages,
are you making home loans?”  The bank says, “Yes, we are.” And
Snerdley’s friend said people are coming in asking, “Can we still get a
mortgage with no money down?  Can we still get a mortgage even though
we can’t pay it back?”  See, it’s amazing what people learn and what
they hear and what they think is available.  “Oh, we can still maybe
get a mortgage without a down payment?” 



  1. Way to go Sarah!! The US of A really screwed up when we enlisted a fellow who should have at the most, been a consideration for Secretary of Defense rather than candidate for president against this lamest and blatantly imbecilic obahmah the Bedouin. It pains me that a common sense, forward and upward thinking woman – Sarah Palin who embodies everything women from the Left WISH they were – was not elected into our highest office. We as a nation do NOT deserve the problems that within the first two months our big-eared idiot friend has placed us ALL into. I am sad that Sarah did not receive the same opportunity that this fraudulent, affirmative action bogus phony received.I live in California and am sick of the wacked out women (Pelosi, Boxer and Frankenstein) that so-called represent my state. They are mentally disturbed and I feel there is quite alot of mental disorder in Washington. This is the sole reason I am glad that Sarah is still in Alaska – So she is not being subjected to the foulness and pathos that is US politics and back stabbing politics today. Can you believe it? Liberals money controls even the poop filled mouth of David Letterman who hasnt been funny since 1984, the year after he debuted on NBC.May I move to Alaska??? PLEASE??


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