Why the Disdain for Sarah Palin

Why the Disdain for Sarah Palin?

What is it about Sarah Palin that infuriates liberals?

Why does the liberal press and politicians go after her with such fervor?

I find it intriguing that they hang on every word she speaks and every move she makes. If the Washington elite really thinks she is washed up,why do they keep hound dogging her?

Quite to the contrary,subconsciously they don’t think she is washed up. Even though they won’t admit it, most fear she can be a real threat to the Obama regime.They are right, all the polls show her tied with Huckabee and Romney for the very early lead in the 2012 Republican primary. As a “tell it like it is” conservative, she has an 80% approval rating among conservatives and a 40% favorable plurality among independents. In this day and age, I find it interesting that to find favor with the media and the elite, one has to disagree with everything that makes any kind of sense. I find that people who are scorned the most are the ones on the right track.

Because of her sincerity and “no holds barred” style, Sarah Palin has a lot of political clout, drawing far larger crowds than any politician except perhaps the president. She was the only one who could intercede the Michael Jackson story on the cable TV news channels.

Palin continues to gain public confidence , even while most politicians around the world are falling from grace, these are the same politicians who are belittling her for being incompetent and unqualified. They assume it was a gross political blunder to resign from the governorship of Alaska.

 Have they ever looked at a map, Alaska  is several thousands miles from the continental United States, being close to an 8 hour flight from Washington D.C. it is almost impossible to campaign and stay abreast of things, being that far away.
She is correct in saying that there were too many distractions that kept her from performing her duties as Governor. How well did Obama fulfill his duties as senator of Illinois while campaigning, he wasted a lot of taxpayer dollars. Personally, I think every politician that runs for another office should resign the office they currently hold. Not only is it  fair to their constituents, it also shows a commitment to the new position they are trying to assume.

Not only that , Palin is someone who knows how to talk to people rather than talking at or down to them.

People also  respond favorably to a candidate who does not respond favorably to the Washington political class — nor it to her.

Palin made a wise decision and has a bright future, conservatives need tore-embrace conservative values .Most people realize that McCain would have lost by a landslide,had it not been for Sarah Palin.

This country was founded on individual freedom, liberty, and free enterprise,not socialism and Marxism. We need more leaders who will support these and other conservative ideals, rather than govern by the latest polls,or what Hollywood dictates.

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  1. The reason she is so disliked among pretty much everyone else besides hardcore conservatives (with a few exceptions) is that her intellect doesn’t match her popularity. This is a matter of opinion and I’m just being sexist and/or elitist, you say? Exhibit A: In one of the first interviews after being announced as being McCain’s running mate, she was asked about her stance on the Bush Doctrine. She drew a blank and had no idea what the Bush Doctrine was. Unacceptable. The argument I’ve heard is “Well, I don’t know what the Bush Doctrine is either.” My response to that is that everyday people can be excused for not being aware of the single largest foreign policy statement made by a US President for decades. (I’d rather those kinds of people wouldn’t vote if they don’t know what’s going, btw.) However, anyone who is running for the VP of the US had better know what it is and clearly articulate what their stance is on it. Just reading back on that statement makes me amazed I’m having to explain it. What is wrong with you people? Exhibit B: The entire Katie Couric interview. She doesn’t know the first thing about foreign policy, economic policy or just about any other serious issue that we are currently confronted with in our country and she shows it every time she speaks. Every time she opens her mouth, she’s either playing up her brand (about how much of a “Maverick” she is), regurgitating Republican talking points or playing the victim. She doesn’t say much of anything of substance. OH yeah… she is a hypocrite as well. She goes out and talks up abstinence only education and takes the usual GOP bullshit line about abortion, birth control, etc. and meanwhile, her underage daughter was having sleep overs with her boyfriend.


  2. I am neither a republican or democrat, I don’t vote along any party lines. But I do have one question for you.Where is this clear concise Palin you’re trying to convey to us? The only people that do like her are the religious zombies who like her believe the world is only 6000 years old, men walked with dinosaurs, fossils are just a test of faith, and it was all created by an invisible Jesus daddy who lives in the sky. I don’t dislike Palin because I’m a liberal, I dislike her because she is a tool. I dislike her for all the same reasons that the neo-con right wing nuts like her for. Do I think she is stupid? Not entirely. But it has been proven that public speaking is definitely not her strong suite. I honestly felt I lost 5 IQ points every time she winked at the camera. Does it say nothing that when SNL did their mock up of the Katie Couric interview that they used Palin’s own words, word for word. They didn’t even feel the need to add to it, and that is sad indeed.I leave you with one last tidbit. Sarah Palin has made the urban dictionary.Pullin a Palin is now a recognizable phrase. It is defined as: 1. Quitting when the going gets tough; abandoning the responsibility entrusted to you by your neighbors for book advances and to make money on the lecture circuit. 2. Bizarre move that will damn ambitions for higher office. “I bet when people saw Jade they were convinced that David Caruso was pullin’ a Palin.”


  3. @Ditto44: Indicative of the far left? I’ve got news for you… a lot of Republicans don’t like her either. I don’t know where you fall in the political spectrum but applying the “far left” label to everybody who disagrees with you is indicative of someone who watches Bill O’Reilly and/or listens to Rush Limbaugh and takes everything they say at face value. Truth be told, I don’t think you have any political beliefs of your own…only ones that have been spoon-fed to you by right-wing pundits. WHY does she exemplify what makes this country great? Your handle says it all, DITTO44. How about instead of repeating faux-patriotic slogans and whining about the “Far Left”, you apply some critical thinking of your own when you vote and choose who to support? So… tell us WHY she is so fantastic. Who would she fight for if she became president? What ideas does she have for making this country a better place? What are her stands on foreign policy? The economy? Yeah, I know… she’ll want to lower taxes because that fixes everything. Your party is broken and most of the people left supporting them are people like yourself – People who don’t think for themselves and think it is OK to elect someone to lead this country because they like her sassiness and think she looked cute in that dress. This isn’t American Idol. If you are going to vote based on meaningless things, maybe you shouldn’t vote. The GOP has no real ideas beyond lowering taxes. In fact, if you removed the xenophobia, fear and greed from most of the GOP candidates’ political strategies, their stump speeches wouldn’t consist of much of anything. In the next election, I think the only thing GOP candidates are going to run on is how Obama is a “Socialist” and how this economy is HIS fault, ignoring the fact that the economy was in the toilet months before he took the oath. I remember hearing Limbaugh calling it the “Obama Economy” in December. Really? The economic downturn was his fault when had was on the campaign trail for two years while a Republican president was running things? As long as your party relies on these Karl Rove tactics, you’re going to stay in the wilderness and deservedly so.


  4. Chamberlain:Your comments confirm the things I mentioned in my article. Why are you so angry?Normally when people get angry when their beliefs are challenged is because they don’t really believe what they are saying.According to recent polls, Palin is running even with Romney and Huckabee, both who are also good candidates. Hardly indicative of someone who every one would hate.I have done more research and studying in my life than you could ever hope to do,I do listen to Rush, Hannity and more, however my opinions are my opinions and no one else’s.I am a mature adult who can make up his own mind after considering all the options.Palin exemplifies all the conservative values and principles that this country was founded on, too bad a lot of people of the younger generations were not raised with these same values, so they have no idea of what this country is all about. It would be nice it one could engage in a nice mature conversation with someone on the left without them becoming belligerent, insulting and condescending.Please grow up and attend an anger management class.


  5. @Dittohead44I explained why I’m angry in my last post…and speaking of anger: How come you are so sensitive about how someone questions your political ideals when you listen to Rush Limbaugh and his non-stop vitriol? Remember “Barack the Magic Negro”? Did you feel offended when you heard that on Limbaugh’s show? At least I’m talking about what I perceive as Palin’s inability to do the job – not knowing the basics of foreign policy, for example, when we are at war. I’m angry because I remember the utter garbage that was coming from McCain and Palin’s respective stumps in those last days before the last election when it was hail mary time for the GOP.All I’m saying is that you should be careful about who you would like as your next presidential nominee. The last time we elected a “tell it like it is, guy you would most like to have a beer with” Republican who wasn’t up to the job, we got the Bush Presidency. You may be alright with how Bush handled his 8 years but the vast majority of Americans would disagree with you. For just one election cycle, I’d like to see the Republicans run on what ideas they have for the future of the US. That means not relying on fear, cynicism, greed and feeble attempts at questioning the other side’s patriotism (Swift-boating, for example). Sure, the Liberal side attacks the right wing politicians too but I would assert that they do it on a lot more substance than Limbaugh and his ilk. If the GOP keeps this type of thing up, they are going to be the new Whigs. Regarding your poll numbers: She is running even with Romney. This is not a good thing for Palin…this is a bad thing for the GOP. Even with Obama’s popularity fading because he hasn’t gotten Bush’s mess cleaned up after only six months, the GOPs numbers are still in the toilet. Go ahead and nominate Palin… I’d love to see her debate Obama.Lastly, Why are you trying to make assumptions like “Quite to the contrary, subconsciously they don’t think she is washed up.” and “Normally when people get angry when their beliefs are challenged is because they don’t really believe what they are saying.” That is a whole lot of wishful thinking. Trust me; I’m not angry because I think Sarah Palin would make a competent president.


  6. @Ditto44:How come the reply I submitted several days ago hasn’t been posted?Here’s another poll that doesn’t just consider Republicans: CBS Poll – Does Sarah Palin have the ability to be an effective President?65% No22% Yes13% Undecided55% of Republicans say she does not have the ability to be an effective President and 33% says she does.http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/07/13/politics/politicalhotsheet/entry5154259.shtml?tag=contentMain;contentBody


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