Barack Obama’s Civilian Army

Barack Obama’s Civilian Army

This was reprinted from the Glenn Beck Show, as usual Glenn is right on target about our president.

August 28, 2009 – 1:01 ET

Thursday’s show, I believe, it’s the most controversial of all the shows this week — and maybe ever.

I will give you some facts, some history but also some of the future.

The reason Thursday’s show is the last before Friday’s solution, Iwanted you to see who was advising the president and what they aredoing, before I could ask you to look at this phrase from Barack Obama and think he meant it literally:


THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: We cannotcontinue to rely on our military in order to achieve the nationalsecurity objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian nationalsecurity force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just aswell-funded.


I don’t know how anyone will respond to the facts I am going topresent, because they really haven’t responded to any of our questionsor challenged any of the facts in our last few shows other than “Hey,don’t call him a ‘czar!'”

But I can’t make this piece of the puzzle fit, unless this piece is about building some kind of thug-ocracy.

All week we’ve been asking tough questions — here’s one more, Mr.President: Why do we need a civilian national security force that is”just as strong, just as powerful” as the military?

Here’s why I ask this question: Who are we fighting? Who internally is threatening our security?

It’s clearly not because we feel there is a threat from illegalaliens crossing the border, because anyone who would say that has beendeemed a racist. A civilian national security force on the border iscalled The Minuteman and the attitude from this administration — aswell as the Bush administration — is that they were “vigilantes.” Soit’s not for the border.

It can’t be a civilian national security force against Islamicextremists, because according to this administration we aren’t even atwar against Islamic extremists anymore. Is this administration reallygoing to ask the American people to profile and call-in tips on MuslimAmericans who act suspiciously?

So, who’s left? Is it possible we are seeing the beginnings of another enemy?

Mr. President, is your civilian national security force to protectus from things the Missouri State Police, your own Homeland Securityand the liberal Southern Law Poverty Center have come out and said werea threat: militia groups; tea party goers; folks with “Don’t Tread onMe” flags; me; Sarah Palin?

Think about this: Is it unreasonable to think this government wouldask you to spy on your neighbors, in light of these recent stories:

— e-mail asking for tips on “fishy” behavior

— Cookies on your computer that track whenever you’ve been on agovernment Web site — this used to be illegal but that was changed

— The government is using outside companies to track and contactyou. Are they gathering information on you? I know that on “cash forclunkers” they didn’t trust the dealers.

To me, all of this sounds like a sci-fi movie, but again I have toask the reasonable question, in these unreasonable times: Who will thecivilian national security force protect us from?

Maybe a better question to ask is, Mr. President: Do you know of a coming event?

Or maybe we should ask Joe Biden, who said:


THEN-VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JOE BIDEN: Mark mywords, it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obamalike they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to electa brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States ofAmerica…. Remember I said it standing here, if you don’t rememberanything else I said: Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis,to test the mettle of this guy.


Is this civilian national security force just preparing for what Joe Biden predicted?

Who builds an army against an unidentified, unrecognized threat?Because we can’t answer that question — or any of the others justproposed — then it’s up to us to look for clues.

Maybe we have to start with the company whose CEO is a closefinancial adviser to the president of the United States, who helpedwrite the health care bill and cap-and-trade bill and who has billionsof dollars at stake: Jeffrey Immelt.

Immelt has been appointed by president to the board of directors tothe New York Federal Reserve. Does he have any information? Let’s lookfor what they may be saying the threat will be that we will need acivilian national security force against.

It would seem to me the network that sells “Yes We Did” dolls, mugsand t-shirts and is obviously extraordinarily close to the president inseven different ways — is it possible to watch their network and theirnews, to see if they have any inside information as to what this threatmay be? Immelt’s network seems to be the leading network in predictinga lot of trouble, but they’re not alone:


ED SCHULTZ RADIO SHOW: Folks, these people arepsycho. That’s what they are. Sometimes I think they want Obama to getshot. I do. I really think that there are conservative broadcasters inthis country who would love to see Obama taken out.

FRANK RICH, NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST: I’m just oldenough, I was a kid, I remember I woke up in 1963 to the horribleevents in Dallas. Even as a kid, I happened to be growing up inWashington, D.C., it was palatable to me all this hate talk aboutKennedy and this sort of crazy fear…. But there were a lot ofthreats. There was a lot of stuff going on that in tone resembles this.

SEN. BARBARA BOXER, D-CALIF.: All of this is adiversion by the people who want to, frankly, hurt President Obama. Andby the way I saw some of the clips of people storming these townhallmeetings. The last time I saw well-dressed people doing this, was whenAl Gore asked me to go down to Florida when they were recounting theballots, and I was confronted with the same type of people. They werethere screaming and yelling, “Go back to California! Get out of here!”and all the rest of it.

CONTESSA BREWER, MSNBC: “A man at a pro-health carereform rally just outside, wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on hisshoulder and a pistol on his hip…. The Associated Press reports abouta dozen people in all at that event were visible carrying firearms….There are questions about whether this has racial overtones. I mean,here you have a man of color in the presidency and white people showingup with guns strapped to their waists.


Is it reasonable to ask the question — based on these clips — dothey think that a good portion of the American people are the enemy?They are such a danger we need a civilian national security force aswell-funded and well-trained as the military?

That’s who they think the enemy is and, once again, the media has it completely wrong.

So who is the real enemy?

“Common Sense” has been No. 1 for the last 10 weeks. One of the lastchapters is “The Enemy Within” — I wrote it months ago. It doesn’t takea genius to figure this out — let me give you this quote:

“It’s not just the political class who has mastered the art ofdeception. There are other potentially deadly masters who will seek toexploit your frustration and sense of desperation. Many will warn youof government tyranny; they’ll talk of secret societies, vastconspiracies, shadow governments, and the need for violent action. Iurge you to stay away from these individuals and thos
e ideas.”

We’ve showed you the radicals in this administration. Now I’ll showyou the radicals outside the administration who are being used and willbe used by the media and by this administration:

There was the Obama Joker poster creator; the right tried to takeadvantage of this and added the word “socialist” under it. But thecreator of the poster is a Kucinich supporter who doesn’t like Obamabecause he’s not left enough.

Then there was that clip on MSNBC: The racist white person(according to MSNBC) who brought a rifle to the Obama town hall —wasn’t even white! He was black.

In Denver, Maurice Joseph Schwenkler and an at-large accomplishsmashed in windows at the Democratic Party HQ in Denver. Both partiesaccused Schwenkler of supporting the other, but he’s a “trans-genderedanarchist” who belongs to the radical anarchist protest group DenverBash Back.

While the radicals in the White House may not be connected to theradicals just mentioned, they are connected by the fact that they areradicals.

Remember, Obama adviser “czar” Jones created STORM who believes:”Revolutionaries need to be militant in street actions. As leaders inthe fight for liberation, we should be role models of fearlessnessbefore the state and the oppressor.”

These are the sort of tactics some of Obama’s “czars” know best.

So when we’ve got a president creating a “civilian force” as strongas the military and an admitted far-left radical in the White Housedoing this:


VAN JONES, GREEN JOBS ‘CZAR’: Actually, my job isnot so dissimilar than my job was before…. What I do, can I make itsimple, I’m basically a community organizer with the federal family.


How else am I supposed to read this? I’m happy to hear any other explanation than “don’t call him a czar.”



  1. “”We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.””This man is a stark raving whacko so in love with his self and his own words that he misses the severity of the level of provocation through which he is taunting lovers of peace, law abiding citizens and Americans in general. I wrote only hours ago another post calling very close attention to this repetitiously used term “WE” and “WE’VE” What did America elect? One man and his several alter-egos each narcissistic or a mentally disordered man who is clearly incapable of handing the helm of these United States in a legal and honorable fashion? Or have we engaged in the biggest display of flagrant nepotism at a national level? I studied Civics, Political Science and American History – There are no nor have there been Csar or this or Csar of that positions that in essence wrangle obfuscate and leverage power from the instrument of democracy into a elitist extreme leftist and mentally diseased men. Sorry Mr Obumster but I AM an American Military man and a ready Militia Man – I have no biases relative to color or creed and therefore dismiss myself from the blanket rascism or hate arguments. I am SWORN to protect and defend – as your thugs to be clearly are not – the Constitution and the laws therein from enemies both foreign and domestic – I will not through evasion or avoidance, allow that your having usurped the office you occupy illegally to endanger or further damage my countries form of Lifem of Governance, its stature among men and women Internationally, its military might and power nor its free enterprise system and overall good will. “We’ve set what?” Who is “We have” Barry Soetelo, fraud extraordinaire? “Funded for what what purpose and who is being equipped and why?” You yourself have named a date as the “end of the war on terrorism” another one of your idiots in office substituted the euphemism “Man-made Disasters” Thank you for this as you are one man made disaster happening one after another in excess of your tenure as fraud president in our American White House.I am outraged, provoked and offended by your arrogance your spread of your mental sickness abroad into other lands in the name of Americans and righteously angry with regard to your callus and despotic conducts, demeanor and your plans – as per this civilian force. I object to ALL YOUR plans and EFFORTS TO FURTHER DAMAGE MY COUNTRY!


  2. I’m very interested in this subject and I myself do alot of research as well. Either way it was a well thoughtout and nice read so I figured I would leave you a comment. Feel free to check out my website sometime and let me know what you think soin.


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