Ted Kennedy’s canonization

Ted Kennedy’s Canonization

I came across this article, which I thought was extremely good.Makes sense to me.

Kennedy’s canonization is too much.  Every day brings the deaths of
thousands of people, the vast majority of whom are known only to their
families and friends.  These people aren’t mourned by politicians,
reporters, or the general public.

Yet almost every one of these unheralded persons has been more
productive than has Ted Kennedy – or Chuck Grassley, Nancy Pelosi, the
Georges Bush, or any other politician you name, whether he or she be
still breathing or buried.

Who installed the windows in my house?  I don’t know.  Yet he
provided value to me and never forced his hand into my wallet or his
nose into my eating habits.  Who will fly the plane that will carry me
home tomorrow from Michigan to Virginia?  I have no idea.  Yet that
pilot will render unto me (and dozens of others) a valuable service in
exchange for funds that I voluntarily paid to his or her employer. 
That pilot doesn’t force me to fly.  Nor does he or she presume to know
better than I do what is best for my family and me.

Who caught the fish that I will eat tonight?  Who trucked it from
the sea to my hotel?  Who will cook that fish?  Who designed the
dishwasher that cleaned the plate and utensils that I will use?

I know almost none of the millions of people whose daily efforts
make possible my life and that of countless other Americans.  These
people don’t hatch grand plans for arrogantly re-working society.  They
offer only to deal voluntarily with me and with others, never
pretending – unlike Mr. Kennedy – to be endowed with a mysterious
genius and a saintly inspiration justifying haughty intrusions into the
affairs of others.

Politicians are mortals.  But as their greedy lust for power and glory reveals, they are mortals especially flawed.

Donald J. Boudreaux

Gary is a travel writer and photographer living in Sarasota,Florida. He has a website featuring  more photos and articles and also markets products featuring some of his travel photos.


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  1. This is a well crafted and sensitive reaction to a country gone mad! It is noble to first point to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who on a day by day basis, underscore the phrase “contributing American.” The truth regarding the passing of Ted Kennedy and the shameful crocodile tears shed for the sake of television cameras illuminates the fact that our diseased congress in their world gone mad will utilize any and every opportunity to deceive and distract. The truth is that our country is a much better place with the death of this scoundrel Ted Kennedy. A entitled man whose only lesson regarding his mistakes is that he could continue all his life to make poor decisions -many negatively affecting American citizens and get away with that never having to stand accountable for his actions. We are better off his having passed on.


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