Why Water Boarding Makes Sense

Why Does Water Boarding Make Sense?

The issue of water boarding has been turned into a political football. The liberals are using it as political fodder against anything the conservatives would want to accomplish. Many half truths and down right lies are being perpetrated by them to discredit anything the right would want to do, all the while jeopardizing our national security .

They keep saying it is torture, the only torture I see is trying to listen to these people and hoping that eventually they would say something that makes sense. They are the same people who would want to try enemy combatants in civilian courts.Have they ever heard of someone being acquitted because of an error made by law enforcement, am enemy combatant isn’t read his rights, (and shouldn’t be), when captured on the battlefield, that fact alone would be cause for acquittal. I move that any enemy combatant who is acquitted in a civilian court be given a house to live in next to one of these jokers, let’s see how long it takes for them to change their minds .

The argument is made that people will say anything under duress to stop the punishment, there is a certain element of truth in this, however, when these techniques are used , the information  taken from several captives is corroborated and  then it is determined which information is true, much like when an individual is trying to make a decision in some aspect of his or her life. One seeks advice from many people, determines which advice applies to them and would be the most beneficial, then a decision is made as to the proper course of action to take. It is the same way with interrogating prisoners, when  several combatants come up with the same story, than that is most likely the truth.

I suppose one could define water boarding as torture much in the same way that listening to loud music to be torture. If that is the case than any one with teen age kids in the home is being subjected to torture as well. It is just a matter of what each individual would determine to constitute mistreatment.

If we are to survive as a free society and not succumb to terrorism, then our government needs to find a way to extract vital information from our would be enemies before they can harm us. Sitting down with them for a cup of tea ain’t gonna make it. They know exactly what they are doing, they know how to work our system and play on our sympathies. We need to find a way to figuratively clean their clock.

Many are highly educated rich ,spoiled, Arabs who have lead a life of abundance. The rest are uneducated and have been taught from birth on to hate our western culture and everything it stands for. No amount of  hot tea and cookies is going to change their minds. Regretfully the only thing they know is violence and many are beyond rehabilitation.

The only way to deal with these people is through fear, many talk a good line , but like most bullies, they are cowards. They may say they want to die for Allah, but when the rubber hits the road, they want to live just as much as we do. It seems to me pouring a little water over their nose and making it seem like they re going to suffer some extreme punishment, while doing no actual harm to them is a perfect way to extract the information needed to keep us safe. We have to remember, America  was just minding it’s own business on September 11th when these savages attacked us and killed over 3000 dads and moms who were just trying to earn a living for their families. Now we have  thousands of kids without a mom or dad, wouldn’t it be worth it to protect them by pouring a little water over someone’s head?

Gary is a travel writer and photographer living in Sarasota, Florida. He maintains a website featuring some of his travel photos and markets a line of products featuring many of his photos.

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