Our Federal Goverrnment and Health Care

Obama Health Care

The founders of our country didn’t trust our government, why should we ? With all the checks and balances that were built into it , the federal government was designed to be highly inefficient. The founders knew we had to have a government, but knew that power corrupts. That is why it was purposely conceived to be next to impossible to make large wholesale changes, if the constitution was followed.

Our government was founded on the principle that the states would have more power than the federal government, based on the theory that the more issues are decided on a local level, the more relevant they would be and also the more accountable the politicians would have to be. Also it gave an opportunity to try a new concept at the state or local level before adopting it on the national scene. Thus leaving an opportunity to scape the whole idea if it didn’t work out the way everyone thought it would.

Our present government is not operating any way close to the way it was intended, the whole idea of passing bills without reading them, and now trying to adopt bills without voting on them is absurd! What kind of a free people would stand for anything close to that, it sounds more like something Castro or Chavez would do and get away with.

There isn’t any question our health care system needs some reform, however adopting the socialism the liberals are trying to push through is like raising the bridge instead of lowering the river.

Two of the best solutions, tort reform and allowing one to buy insurance across state lines would do a lot to reduce costs and create a healthier environment. Socialized medicine will only raise costs and reduce services, already almost 30% of our doctors are going to quit practicing and some major drug stores are refusing to accept any more Medicaid customers. It will only get worse. Obama hellth scare proposals are not about health care, they are only about power, control, and changing America into a socialist progressive  country. Karl Marx would be proud.

The government has had over 200 years to reform the post office, they are losing over 4 billion dollars this year, and by Obama’s own admission, Fed-Ex and UPS are making money, Woodrow Wilson promised when social security was enacted only the rich would be taxed, how’s that working out for you?

Social security was enacted so every one could collect at age 65, only problem was, the life expectancy was only 64 at the time. It still wasn’t doing too bad until the mid 60s when Lyndon Johnson and his merry band of socialist started raiding the fund to funnel money into the general fund to pay the bills our government was running up.
Medicare by the same token is going broke and now congress wants to take money from it to pay for socialized medicine. Sounds like fuzzy math to me.

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  1. Your article is correct but does only notifies your readers of some of the facts and sounds like you are complaining. Your site, as well as most others, does nothing to correct the problems we see in politics. The American people need guidance on how to change the political system not just hear about how bad it is. First we need to change the policy that lets our government vote on a mass of different legislation in one bill. 1 vote for 1 law. Conjoining 1 bill with hundreds of changes to dozens of laws is not effective government. We need to change the Term Limits on Politicians. No one man should be able to live his entire life establishing policies and laws, That do not pertain to them, while continuing to live at the taxpayers expense. We should also change the laws that give our politicians automatic retirement. Continuing to allow our politicians to make this a career is costing way more than just money. It is alot more expensive than just payroll and benefits it is costing us our freedom. These are just some of the challenges we face and yet noone is helping us make the changes they are just continuing to complain. We need more people with legal and political knowledge to explain to us what we can do to make these and many more changes. Just voting will not do it. Not enough Americans use the voting process and a majority of them cannot figure out the politicians thru all of their lies.


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