Illegal immigrants

So, What’s wrong with this? We have a right and an obligation to enforce our
laws. being an illegal immigrant means you are illegal. What does illegal
Hooray for Arizona.
Ariz. law ‘an insult to American justice’ Gutierrez slams state’s crackdown
on illegal immigrants

April 24, 2010


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s signing of America’s toughest immigration
enforcement law Friday has thrust the dormant issue of immigration reform
back into the national spotlight, energizing groups on both sides.

Chicago Democrat Luis Gutierrez, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic
Caucus, has been especially vocal as the measure — which will require local
police officers to question people about their immigration status if there
is reason to suspect they are illegal immigrants– wound its way through the
Arizona Legislature.


• Makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally by
specifically requiring immigrants to have proof of their immigration status..

• Requires police officers to “make a reasonable attempt” to determine the
immigration status of a person if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that he
or she is an illegal immigrant. Race, color or national origin may not be
the only things considered in implementation.

• Allow lawsuits against local or state government agencies that have
policies that hinder enforcement of immigration laws.

• Targets hiring of illegal immigrants as day laborers by prohibiting
people from stopping a vehicle on a road to offer employment and by
prohibiting a person from getting into a stopped vehicle on a street to be
hired for work if it impedes traffic.
* *

The law makes it “open season on the Latino community in Arizona,” Gutierrez
said, describing it as “an insult to American justice and one of the
harshest assaults on basic civil rights in recent American history.”

In Arizona, “people in Latino neighborhoods are afraid to leave their
houses, afraid to be apart from their children for even a minute, and afraid
to walk the streets because they feel their arrest on suspicion of being an
undocumented immigrant could happen at any moment,” he wrote in an online
op-ed piece.

Gutierrez plans to attend a rally in Phoenix on Sunday to “let the people of
Arizona know that they are not alone in fighting against bigotry and

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action
Committee, said his group’s members are already poised to take “clone
bills,” modeled on Arizona’s law, to state legislatures nationwide.

“Arizona is ground zero, and it’s just the start,” Gheen said.

Arizona’s proposal also makes it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant
and to work or solicit work in the state. There are an estimated 460,000
illegal immigrants in Arizona, and it is the state with the most illegal
border crossings.

The Arizona law has energized immigrant rights’ advocates to push for a
federal law that provides for a path toward citizenship for the estimated 11
million illegal immigrants already in the country.

President Obama called moderate Republican senators last week in an effort
to win bipartisan support for a centrist reform bill that Sen. Chuck Schumer
(D-N.Y.) wants to introduce. Schumer’s plan calls for biometric Social
Security cards to block hiring of illegal immigrants; increasing Border
Patrol agents and surveillance technology at the borders; creating a
temporary-worker program, and requiring illegal immigrants who want to
become citizens to pay fines and back taxes, perform community service work,
pass background checks and be proficient in English.

But anti-immigration groups say the furor over the Arizona law will scare
congressional lawmakers away from voting for reform in an election year that
is already expected to be a tough one for the Democratic majority.

Thomas Saenz, president and general counsel for the Mexican American Legal
Defense and Educational Fund, said he is poised to file suit to try to stop
the proposed law from taking effect. He will assert that it violates the
U.S. Constitution by interjecting the state into something over which only
the federal government has jurisdiction. He also will argue that it violates
equal-rights protections by sanctioning racial profiling — a charge that
supporters of the bill deny.

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  1. With regard to the Governor of Arizona’s signing of SB1070 INTO LAW. Please be aware that the courts are not where laws are legislated nor passed. The years of social legalism are OVER! SB1070 was designed and passed through DUE PROCESS in the Senate UNLIKE obamacare that was passed illegally through reconciliation – SB1070 was handed over to the Governor of Arizona to sign into law OR to veto — She signed it. IT IS LAW! What part of that dont you understand?


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