The Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico

The oil rig explosion  in the Gulf of Mexico.

Are there any coincidences in life?

I, for one don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason. Case in point, suddenly Obama surprises the world and declares he is for off shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, something every self respecting liberal would never be in favor of.

The next week an oil rig blows up. I can’t ever remember an oil rig in the Gulf blowing up. Now we will see photos of  massive oil slicks, pelicans and other birds getting stuck in the oil and  not being able to  fly away, bring on the Dawn soap. This explosion ,if it doesn’t stop any new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, will certainly slow it down.

All the oil experts say there are enough safeguards and technology available , something of this nature should never  happen.

This administration seems to have a way of “Mr. Fate” always  showing up at the best possible time to “help” them pass their  progressive agenda.

It seems pretty coincidental that during an election year, when the administration is trying to pass cap and trade, as well as forcing everyone to drive the cars they think we should be driving, that an oil rig would blow up . How convenient.


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