Wisdom is Knowing the Right Path to Take

Wisdom is knowing the right path to take, Integrity is taking it.

Many people today have lost the values and ideals that have made this country great.  Our country was founded on individualism and self sufficiency , not a cradle to grave dependence on big government.
Government , especially the liberals have been creating a nanny state for the last 70 years. Starting with FDR and possibly before that they have been doing everything possible to turn America into a Socialist, or even worse Marxist country.

They would like to have nothing better than have us citizens breast fed on the milk of the government until we are 65, and then continue on with social security,in the meantime making us believe they are doing us a favor by giving us social security. I have news for them , social security is money they have extracted from our paychecks and are now only giving back a small portion of what is rightfully ours.

Many of our ancestors came from Germany and other European countries and faced many hardships along the way. Many cleared land with nothing but a dull ax. Many fought Indian wars carving while out this great land. They wanted to only be left alone,they expected nothing from the government, in fact most of them didn’t trust it. That is why our founding fathers built in so many safeguards, so congress would spend a lot of time fighting amongst themselves, thereby saving us the agony created when they actually do something.

Today, times have changed, many people have no respect for others opinions, often times when opinions are expressed, one is treated with a barrage of obscenities, especially from the left.

Children need to grow up facing some hardship and challenges, pampering does them no good, it actually decreases their coping skills so they have a difficult time solving crises when they become adults resulting in them looking for mommy , or government to solve everything for them. Why not, that is what they have been taught.

We now have legislation whereby children can be on their parents insurance until they are 26, when are they going to grow up?

We have people in government trying to solve the problems they themselves created, how does that work? Why are we letting people who created the financial problems in this country remain in control trying to solve the problems? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Me thinks it’s time the American citizen changes his or her way of thinking.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when
we created them.”

                      —  Albert Einstein

Seems as though we need some wisdom and integrity, not only in government , but in our own lives as well.

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