Obama:We shouldn’t remain a super power

Obama thinks the United States shouldn’t remain a Superpower

The longer this man is president , the more I’m amazed and taken aback by some of the things he says and does.

Obama says we shouldn’t remain a super power, do we want some one else protecting us?  Who does he have in  mind, China, Venezuela, Ireland?
I don’t know about you, but I for one, don’t want some other nation protecting us, no one has the best interests of the Untied States more at heart than the people of the  United States. Many countries have and will continue to lend help when asked and needed, but no one country is large enough and powerful enough to provide security for the world, no one except for the United States . It is time to give up on the naive idea that the Arab world doesn’t want to control or harm us, they do.

I wish for once he would stand up for America, instead of venturing off on one his apology tours, tearing America down every chance he gets.

Obama needs to realize the main function of the federal government is to protect it’s citizens, that includes a strong military,it is time for him to start performing the functions the federal government was charged with, and turn control of the duties best left to the states and local governments back to the states and local governments.

His time would be better spent reducing the size of the federal deficit, finding ways to keep the finest health care system in the world privatized and shore up social security by investing the funds collected wisely.


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  1. “They acted stupidly” “Misguided” and now “we shouldnt remain a super power…” Can we all spell MORON?? I have a thought, why not just scale back a few eons to piltdown man – a specie whos skull Mr Obamas matches perfectly — which was a total fraud by the way. What we SHOULDNT do any longer mr Soetoro is tolerate your inane suggestions and ascertain whether or not you meet Article Two criterion or not – Then we wont worry over remaining a super power – Because we are and WILL remain so while mr O’Inansky spends life in highest security prison for crimes against our super power nation.


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