Women in the Military

Women in the Military

Many women serve in the military today,and in many ways this is admirable. They can and do perform many of the same functions as men just as well if not better than their counterparts.

However I don’t believe women should be placed in harm’s way and serve in combat, there are just many more things that can be done to torture a woman than there is to a man.

I know it is often said that women don’t serve in combat, check with Jessica Lynch on that one. Other countries and terror groups are not like the United States , they do torture prisoners, and in many ways not approved by the Geneva Convention. Many don’t follow the rules of engagement like nations from the West do.

Many women in the military today also have families and young children at home which creates more of a hazard. I’m not sure why a mother would choose to go into the military when the welfare of her children is involved. Many have already made one bad decision by getting pregnant out of wedlock to an irresponsible man, thus the child already has one parent either not in the picture  or exerting a bad influence on the child. Many times the woman herself has a non responsible father, thus the child already has two bad influences in his of her life. What happens to the child if the mother isn’t in the picture and is raised by an irresponsible parent? That doesn’t give the child much of a chance in life.

 I know life is uncertain and death can occur any where and at anytime, however it is more likely on the battle field, why unnecessarily subject a child to a life with no parents?

When the mother goes on active duty, she not only shirks from her duty as a parent, she is passing that responsibility to either a parent or grand parent,(that’s asking a lot) or in some cases the father,who  may or may not be a good parent. Maybe it would have been a good idea to not get pregnant if one wants to serve in the military.

I realize that women as well as men can do many things at once, but you can’t be a good mother while 10,000 miles away in a war zone. I guess I’m old fashioned but I feel a mother’s place is with her children.

Serving our country in the military is an honorable undertaking, however being a good mother who is around to raise and nurture her child is the most important job in the world. It shouldn’t be taken lightly and unless absolutely necessary shouldn’t be delegated to someone else.

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