Obama and the Gulf Oil Spill

Obama and the gulf oil spill

Certainly BP shares a lot of the blame for this oil spill, however , BP submitted all it plans for deep water drilling to the government, the government had to sign off and approve. In essence, BP did exactly what the government wanted, and now that something went wrong , the government wants to place all the blame on BP, I don’t think so, there is plenty of blame to go around, it is just as much the governments fault as BP.

Now Brazil is spending billions to expand it’s deep water drilling capabilities, some of that money actually came from the United States and the Obama administration, our oil rigs are headed to Brazil. Guess who we are going to be getting our oil from?

This was posted on the Rush
Limbaugh web site yesterday.

The director of Homeland Security, Big Sis Janet
Napolitano has issued a statement.  Homeland Security secretary Janet
Napolitano, also known as Big Sis, issued a statement this morning
regarding America’s two most pressing issues:  the Gulf oil spill and
President Obama’s devotion to golf.  Secretary Napolitano, speaking to
labor leaders, declared that from this day forward no one in the Obama
administration or those seeking favors or mercy from the administration
shall use the phrase Gulf oil spill.  It will now be referred to as the
BP-caused disaster.  Official language requirements used inside the
administration from Janet Napolitano, no longer the Gulf oil spill, it
is the BP-caused disaster.  You think I’m kidding?  Along those same
lines, it can no longer be said by administration officials, the press
office, or the media that the president went to play golf.  The
president no longer plays golf.  The president is clearing his mind.  We
appreciate your cooperation.  We’ll take note of those that do not do
as instructed.  So it’s no longer the Gulf oil spill, it’s the BP-caused
disaster. He doesn’t play golf anymore, he clears his mind.

Obama must have a guilty conscience about spending so much time enjoying himself while the country burns.

Sounds to me like an order to do as we are told, don’t know about you, but I don’t take highly to orders concerning free speech from my government.

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