Common Sense and Changing times

Common Sense and Changing Times

This day and age all we hear about is change, it has gotten so we are making changes, based not on if the change is good, but rather or not someone just thinks we need a change. Change is occurring constantly in the climate as well as life as a whole, if it weren’t for change everyone and everything would cease to exist.

The problem as I see it, common sense has been completely abandoned, just for the sake of political correctness. We have become so concerned about offending anyone, we are in jeopardy of sacrificing our own safety and security as a country and society all in the name of being politically correct. As a result the people everyone rushes to defend are using our naivety to attack and  defeat us.

We continually admit people into this country, both legally and illegally who mean to do us harm , in no other country can anyone come into and move about as freely as in the United States . On a visit to Australia several years ago, I was welcomed to Australia at customs  by a nice smiling Aussie, his next question was , “When are you leaving?” If I hadn’t had  documentation with my departure date, I would have left that day. Even Mexico, who is constantly criticizing our immigration policies would not tolerate the things they expect us to do.

We give free educations to foreigners, especially Arabs, when our own citizens can’t afford a college education. The fact foreigners are getting so much assistance drives up the cost of education thereby making it less affordable to our own youth.It’s a matter of supply and demand.

Why are we still training Arabs to fly after 911? We have Muslims attending flight school at Lackland Air Force base.  We need to change this! This would be like the U.S.  training Japanese Kamikaze pilots during World War 2.

As a country we have become extremely tolerant of other peoples beliefs and customs, this isn’t all bad, we need to be tolerant. However this is the United States, when people come here they should be expected to conform to our ways and customs, not the other way around.
We are in danger of tolerating ourselves into oblivion.

English is spoken here, immigrants need to learn the native language and assimilate  into our culture.

 If they want to make America like their homeland, why are they coming here? If it is so good where they came from , why not stay. If our country becomes like theirs, where are we going next?

There is nothing wrong with change, but don’t change for the sake of change, and make sure that the change will lead to a better life, not one of government control and loss of freedom.

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