Obama acknowledges there are still race problems in America

Obama and the race Issue

President Barack Obama gave an uncommonly candid assessment of race  relations during his appearance on “The View,” saying Americans still must confront their “reptilian side” when dealing with people of different races.

“There is still kind of a reptilian side of our brain — that part of our brain that, if somebody looks different or sounds different, that there’s part of us that is cautious. And what we have to do is fight against that,” Obama said on the popular morning show, which aired Thursday but was taped a day earlier.

“When it comes to race, let’s acknowledge that of course there is still tension out there, there is still inequality,” Obama said. “But we’ve made progress, and if each of us takes it upon ourselves to treat people with fairness and be able to stand in somebody else’s shoes and see through their eyes and relate to where they’re coming from, then we can make more progress.”

Why does Obama keep pounding the race issue? No one else is. Even though there are racists out there, on both sides of the color line, most people are accepting of anyone of any race. In today’s world , being accepted by anyone of any race has more to do with common interests and goals than what color someone’s skin is.

In my opinion, Obama keeps playing the race card for three reasons. The first reason being is that he himself has a problem with race, in his own mind he is dealing with it on a personal level so he insists on discussing it to make it right in his mind. He also has an image problem, he is very thin skinned and continually looks for a scape goat other than him self.

The second reason, because of his upbringing , he didn’t grow up in America, he has no idea of what America is all about, he was raised in a communist, muslin home, where issues of race were probably talked about constantly.  To him it is perfectly normal to think everyone would be happy in a Socialist, Marxist society, especially those in  the ruling class, which he pictures himself as being a part of.

The third reason being he fundamentally wants to change America. This may sound good, but upon further investigation one realizes what he means. Never forget Obama spent twenty years in a church with his family that preaches racism and hatred of America. Many in his administration are left over 60’s radicals and muslin sympathizers. Some have ties to the Communist Party and other far left groups that do not have the best interest of the United States at heart. These people all have one common goal, to transform the United States into something that most law abiding ,freedom loving people don’t want. Their goal is to turn our country into a socialist welfare state, where human ingenuity and inspiration would be punished and discouraged.

Without the opportunity for a person to improve themselves and be rewarded for it, most of our countries capability to bring forth new ideas and inventions would vanish, the whole world would suffer. When the desire to improve one self vanishes and the penalty of success(increased taxation) increases , the wealthy no longer create new jobs and everyone suffers.

We have to remember, socialism never works over the long run, sooner or later we run out of other peoples money. Socialism was tried by Governor Bradford at Plymouth Colony, it was abandoned after a couple years because it was discovered that if one didn’t work, someone else would. Soon there was no one left who wanted to work.

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