One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time, Walk Your Own Path

When I was twenty-one , I had my life all planned out, or so I thought, as I reach into the mid sixties, I realize I haven’t done anything  I planned when I was younger. Since I remained in the same geographical area as my family, I assumed I would lead a life  similar  to the journey my ancestors had taken. I have since learned to never assume anything.

I think we all learn to expect the unexpected as we travel life’s journey , life doesn’t always turn out the way we envision it. Many times we think our life will be like our parents and grandparents. Good Luck on that one, we all live in a different time and era and have different life journey’s than they could have ever imagined.

That doesn’t mean we should not plan and lead a life with no direction, quite to the contrary, choosing that rocky path will only lead to disaster. If you don’t start down the road , nowhere is where you will wind up.

As you travel down life’s road you will come to many forks in the road, you have to take them. They will lead in more different and varied directions than you could imagine, along the way you will fulfill many dreams you never even knew you had. Often times we try to over analyze our situation before acting on it, spontaneity can sometimes work to our benefit.

When your life changes direction, there is a reason for it, even though the path may be treacherous and the end result undetermined, it is essential to one’s growth to follow the path. Go willfully, from past experience, in the end it can’t be and shouldn’t be avoided, take the detour and be thankful for the new adventure. Whatever was, is in the past, the future is yet to be realized, live in the moment.

The most difficult part is to walk your path one step at a time, it seems the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Don’t be distracted, stay on the chosen path, don’t let your pants get snagged jumping over the barbed wire fence trying to get to greener pastures. Keep your head up, and let the God part of you determine the outcome. Believe in yourself and begin the journey, it will be incredible, magnificent,and when the path leads to a gate , the grass will be greener, far beyond your wildest dreams.

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