Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


                                                                    Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


                                           Henry Gates Staged This Whole Thing 

This is old news , but I think it is still relevant to our current political situation and how our current administration works..

Let me get this straight, we have a distinguished Harvard history professor,a man who is a close friend of Obama who just happens to be making  a documentary film about racial discrimination and he accidentally locks himself out of his house, and while trying to gain entry, a neighbor sees two people with back packs trying to break into his house, the neighbor  doesn’t have a cell phone,so they get some one to call police.

Gates starts screaming racism, an argument ensures whereby the policeman arrest Gates (Obama’s friend) for disorderly conduct . In the process the arresting officer ,after being insulted, and demeaned, is charged by Gates with racial profiling.
And you expect me to believe this was a coincidence? What are the odds of this happening? The people in Vegas would blow their computers trying to figure out the odds.

You couldn’t write a script this good.
How convenient.
This is just too coincidental, the way the world works today, people will do anything and try to fool anyone to get their 15 minutes of fame. I’m sure that this will be a whole segment in his documentary, twisted around the way to best suits Professor Gates.

In my humble uneducated opinion I think this was all staged by Gates, what a perfect way to gain publicity and support for his new film, while at the same time promoting Obama’s agenda.

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  1. There are quite a few coincidences that appear in politics. Perhaps it is a “coincidence” that G.W.Bush belongs to a think tank with plans specifically targeting the middle-east as a significant target for US control of its resources, along with key members of his White House staff, including Dick Cheney, also the head of Halliburton, a military contracting company, get control of the American presidency 8 months before the worst attack on US soil since WWII happens, of which the attack is engineered by a bunch of afghani guys in a cave somewhere in the mountains of one of the poorest countries in the world, at which point in time the American military is committed to a war it has yet to win, along with going to war with Iraq over a completely bogus Cassus Belli, while all the companies related to the Bush regime revel in their massive profits. And lest we forget that the former President George W. Bush is an extremely religious man, fully confident that God talks to him and that, according to those who share his beliefs, is fighting an enemy of heathens and degenerates in the name of Jesus Christ, in a place very close to the holy land and the former Babylon. Please, nothing in politics happens by coincidence.


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