Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Much is being said today about hope and change . Some government leaders think they are in charge of our lives and they are the ones that can effectively “change” our lives. In some ways they are correct in thinking they can change our lives, however, most of the time, government policies only change our lives for the worse.

We as humans are the only species on the planet whose thinking is so powerful that we can change a situation by our thinking about it. How we perceive the situation , and what meaning we draw from it is more important than the event itself and will effectively create an outcome that matches our expectations .

As we think we become, these words couldn’t be more true. Many people don’t realize it but, words and thoughts have meaning and consequences, it really does matter what we think and say. The older I become, the more obvious it is to me that we do create our own reality. Every event we encounter in our life we choose to experience, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. On some level of consciousness, we volunteer for every life situation we encounter.

Once this is realized, you can effectively change your reality, this is not to say that a so called negative experience will never be encountered, instead we learn to take the challenges in stride and work to make lemonade out of lemons. Every so called negative experience can have a happy ending. 

By continuously thinking positive thoughts and focusing on the life you want, it will eventually come to pass. Results aren’t always immediately forthcoming or in the order we might like. The universe has no concept of time , and sometimes certain events need to transpire before the point we want to reach can be realized. 

Our thoughts and words are prayers, in this perspective, we are praying constantly. The universe, or God will respond to whatever we wish or think we want, so be careful, make sure it is something you desire before thinking it into reality. From my own experience , if it is something that isn’t in the grand scheme of things or not for the highest good of all concerned , it probably won’t happen, (some times God has something better in store for us than we can imagine.) Sometimes when we are not achieving something we want, it is time to let go and let be. The universe will provide what we really want.

To be on the safe side when meditating, always insert the phrase,”for the highest good for all concerned”, at the end of your prayers or meditations.

Although we can’t control every event that happens in our life , we can control our thinking of the event and thus begin to control our life.

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