To Change the World, You must change Yourself

Change the World, Change Yourself

There is much discussion today about our changing world, the world governments seem to want to change our world to where they would have complete control over our lives.

This doesn’t have to be the case, each and every one of us is in control of our destiny . Our actions, thoughts, words and deeds determine how our lives will be lived out. True there are always obstacles and challenges that arise for us to over come, however if one sticks to his or her game plan , the final outcome will be what we want or how we perceived it to be.

We each live our own reality, no two people experience a particular event in exactly the same way. This is evident in our daily lives as we communicate with the people around us and see the different reactions individuals have to the same event.

Having said that, it should be easy to see how the way we think and perceive situations determines not only the outcome of that event, but the outcome of our lives. If you want to change your world, you must change your life and how you perceive it.

The world is just a mirror of our life, the good you find in others is in you, others faults are also yours, the beauty, the possibilities,are also in you. The ancient sages all teach that in order to recognize something, you must know it. You cannot know  something if it isn’t part of you.

Realize that if someone’s actions offend you, it is because you sense that trait in yourself and you are annoyed because it is bouncing back at you and making you very uncomfortable. The same is true if you are pleased by one’s actions, take it as a compliment to yourself for possessing an admirable trait.

It is very important to “let go”.

To let go doesn’t mean that you don’t care, or that you are cutting yourself off from the situation. It just means that you turn control over to a higher power and you quit trying to arrange outcomes for others and yourself.

By doing this , your time is freed up to choosing your destiny. The universe will give you many solutions, it is your job to choose which you want. In no way do you have to select the first opportunity availed to you. Keep in mind what you really want, and wait until the right choice comes along,(go about your life, but lie like an alligator in the swamp) and when the right morsel drives by, grab it. You will know in your heart when the time is right, when the time comes, jump in and enjoy life.

Only when one has determined what is desired in their life, and thrown it out to the universe and let it go,will the universe, or God  determine what is in not only your best interest, but the best interest of everyone in your world. You will be very surprised, the outcome will be better than anything you could have imagined in your wildest dreams.

It may not happen immediately, and you may have to walk through some muddy swamps in the meantime, but the final outcome will make it all worthwhile.

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