How can I serve

How can I serve

It’s been often said that you cannot give away what you do not have.

Most people think our resources are limited, this is not true. We live in a limitless universe, everything we want , need and desire, we already have. We live in a universe where we have unlimited resources , whether it be oil, food, health or what ever else ,we will never run out of anything. Just as Jesus turned the water into wine we can all to tap into that unlimited supply. One of the most spiritual insights or mystical secrets of life is that you already have what you need to give away.

The right thoughts and actions will always release and provide one with the things needed to make one happy, or the things we think will make us happy. We as spiritual beings , always sooner or later receive what we wish for or think about.  Words and thoughts have meaning and they do have an affect on the events that occur in our lives. 

There is an old saying, “Be careful of what you wish for, you may receive it.”

There is truth in this phrase. The Law of attraction works!

When we say ’give me’ we are imparting this message. We are saying we think we need to get something to complete ourselves or prove our worth.

Most of society teaches us to live a life of want and desire. If we struggle enough, we will become worthy and our wishes will be granted. This will lead to our lives being fulfilled and we will be held in high esteem by others.

  As with most beliefs in life, that is an illusion. We are worthy by nature of our connection with the higher consciousness. But we will not know it until we believe it on an inner level. Only by asking our higher self , or Christ Consciousness,will it become evident.

Ask the question,  “how can I serve?” The intention to serve will point you towards what you need to give. If the intention is real it also generates the will. The most successful people in life are not go getters, but go servers!

Even the most capitalist person on the planet, whether they realize it or not, is giving something for anyone who wants to receive it. They are giving an opportunity for one to create a life for themselves, by presenting that some one with a career opportunity, or investment opportunity that wouldn’t have existed if it hadn’t been for the capitalist or entrepreneur’s ability to create something of worth.

Each and every one of us need to realize that whatever we desire is already here and available to us, all that is needed is the ability to tap into the source and  act upon it.

The life you have now is a result of the way you previously thought. Change your thoughts and change your life.

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