Do What You Love

Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow

Do what you love and the money will follow. there is a lot of truth in this old adage, unless what you love doing is staring at your  naval. I don’t know of very many people making money naval staring.

A little common sense goes a long way here. Sometimes a few adjustments can go a long way in making a dream come true.

If what you are doing isn’t bringing in the cash, one needs to assess why nothing is happening.  It could be that not enough time and effort has been given to achieve the desired result, maybe effort in another direction will help bring about results. It’s possible that another marketing direction should be taken, or that what you are marketing just isn’t something any one is in need of, however , in today’s world ,and, with 6 billion people crawling around on this planet, there is a need for almost anything .

If you find something you truly enjoy doing, life will find a way for you to prosper and make money . You have a birthright to enjoy making money. Most of us were raised with the belief that one has to work hard to make a good living. Let go of that belief, I’m not saying one doesn’t have to work to make a living, but it should be fun and enjoyable. Make work play, affirm that you are enjoying yourself and life is fun, keep reaffirming that your work gives you much pleasure. By doing that, you will find things about your profession you actually enjoy and thus it becomes a pleasure and as a result you look forward to a day anticipating what will next come your way.

Make it a challenge, when difficulties arise , be challenged to overcome them and take pleasure in surmounting the challenge and thus enabling prosperity and success. No matter what the task, by treating it as a challenge, much satisfaction can result from climbing the hill and standing on top of the mountain. Becoming victorious over adversity.

Often times as we get close to accomplishing our dreams , it frightens us,and we look for ways to sabotage our success. What happens if I succeed, will people still like me, will others be jealous, if I succeed , will I become bored and not have anything to work for? These are questions we subconsciously ask ourselves.

These are all thoughts that can enter our minds and delay our success. This is often the final summit to climb before our mission is accomplished. It is not what happens to you, but how you react to the situation and solve the problem. There will always be another challenge to take the place of the one that no longer confronts you. If people are no longer your friends, new ones will take their place, often times with far better relationships than the ones you left behind.

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