Make Your Own World

Make Your Own World

Many of us argue that we are trapped in a life we don’t like or didn’t ask for. We often blame someone else for our failures. Even though it may be  hard to admit,all of these assumptions are untrue. We get exactly in life what we ask for , we can blame no one but ourselves. We soon find that everything we experience is for a reason.

Especially in America it is often argued that we are too ambitious, we are all ,or most of us ,trying to achieve the American Dream. Is there something wrong with that? Regardless of what some politicians believe, there is  nothing wrong with that kind of thinking. The human soul needs constant challenge and learning experiences to grow and evolve.  Humans weren’t built to be controlled and manipulated.

It doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in life, it is your thinking and actions on some level of consciousness that got you where you are today . Your life is your ultimate creation, only you can change it.

When you look back on the so-called negative events in your life, look for the silver lining in all those dark clouds.If you look for it, you will always see good flowing towards you. Looking for the positive in the storm clouds of life can only bring forth more positive thoughts that will in turn bring more positive actions into your life. It is all about perception and attitude.

Your life is your ultimate creation. How ambitious are you to create a whole life that nourishes and expresses the very best of who you are ?

It is probably easier than you can imagine, in the long run , train your mind correctly and your life can be a lot simpler and stress free than you could ever imagine. Just allow yourself to imagine the life you would like to be leading, be honest with yourself, a life of luxury and fame isn’t for everyone. Do some soul searching to determine what  you really want .

Be careful, you will get what you wish for, but in most cases it will be in your best interest.If deep down, you don’t really want what you are wishing for, it probably won’t come, and you would be unhappy if it did. Follow your heart and you won’t go wrong.

You will soon learn there are no guarantees in life and talk doesn’t change anything. the only thing one can count on is the unexpected, the only thing that matters is how you react to the events that come up unexpectedly. Every new path has a first step, begin by taking that step , and continue on , taking each step as it comes , adapting to changes and challenges as they are encountered.

Overcoming fear and indecision along the way, you will discover life is a self fulfilling prophecy. Go after what you want, and it shall be given to you.

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