Iraq: We Started Something

Iraq :We started something

Since the beginning of time, there has been dissension in the middle east. For thousands of years, the people in that part of the world have been fighting. it’s almost like it’s their job, get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and go fight.

This time however, it may be different, because of the Internet and various other forms of communication, it is nearly impossible for a dictatorship to keep it’s subjects in the dark as far as what is happening in the rest of the world. In times past people like Saddam Hussein were able to control the information that not only flowed into the country. but out of it as well.This was no more evident than when the United States United States and it’s allies attacked Iraq, it was then we learned that over the years CNN was only telling us what Saddam wanted us to know. I think this was a grave injustice on the part of CNN. Because of this their credibility suffered and will never be the same.

Even though no WMDs were found, Saddam was an evil man who punished his people relentlessly. There were terrorist training camps discovered in Iraq, facilities to make WMDs and also he had used them on his people in the past.. Where they went , no one knows or they aren’t telling. The world is better off without him.

As the attacks continued, the whole world was kept up to date of what was happening, many in the  third world countries  for the first time, began to realize they could have a different way of life way of life. Viewing images from other countries, they began to get a small taste of what freedom would be like. Slowly they began to dream of a life they could have without a tyrannical dictator telling them every move they could make. No doubt things probably would not have come down as they did in Egypt without such sources as Face Book and others. Now other countries such as Tunisia and Libia have joined in. The middle east will never be the same. Once a soul tastes freedom freedom, there is no going back.

Although the fight is far from over, seeing the people in Iraq struggle gave the rest of the middle east a hope that they could one day be free also. Now ,although the final outcome is uncertain, there can be no doubt that eventually the middle east will be bathed in democracy. No longer can governments hide the truth.

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