You Finally Get It

You Finally Get It

So, you’ve spent your whole life trying to figure it out.  You’ve spent thousands of dollars on esoteric studies, consulted with hypnotists, psychics, climbed Mount Everest, and talked to the Dali Lama, all to no avail!

Then one morning you wake up and it hits you like a ton of spinach. It don’t matter. All the status symbols people hold near and dear to them don’t mean squat. It doesn’t matter what car we drive, the size of the house, or the gorgeous arm charm by our side.

You suddenly learn to look at people as they really are and not as you would want them to be,as people grow and change you suddenly realize that not everyone will love you the way you would want them to. You have no control over what some one thinks of you. It is their own perception and their reality that determines their opinion of not only you , but everyone else in their reality.

Even though karma plays a big role, in the final outcome, even the karma that has been created lifetime after lifetime is determined by the individual’s own perception and vision of reality. We are each unique and because of that our perception of reality is different, even different than the ones closest to us, and because of this we each will react differently to any given circumstance.

We do not have to justify our actions to anyone if we desire not to, just as they don’t have to justify their actions to us. This leaves us with the choice also of being able to discard someone from our lives if we feel they are not being honest and upright with us. We have the choice to let them go their own way.

By doing this, we only have people in our lives who are in tune with our way of thinking and have a positive influence on our lives. Sure people will still come into our lives who think and act differently than we do, this is fine, this will always be, but you also have the choice as to how much influence they have on you and when to let them go, to discover their own wants and desires.

It is in this way we gain wisdom as we travel through life, each encounter or circumstance we face gives us the opportunity to grow and learn, thus becoming more enlightened and aware of the challenges life bestows upon us., Inc.


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