Morality: Where Did it Go?

often wonder why the world is in such a mess. I just comes down to the
fact many people have their priorities all messed up. I was watching a
documentary by John Stossel the other day and I couldn’t believe what I
was hearing.

was a documentary concerning all the subsidies people , groups, and
companies in the United States receive from the government, both federal
and state. It seems as though everyone is getting government aid except
for me. He went on to explain how farmers, African-Americans, Indians,
corporations ,etc. all receive aid for something. One of the most
ridiculous examples showed an individual planting a tomato in his back
yard and getting farm aid.

doesn’t seem to matter one’s financial status, race, creed or national
origin, every one is getting a hand out. this is costing the taxpayer
trillions of dollars. The most ridiculous part is we are all tax payers,
so we just wind up paying ourselves back money we have given the
government. Of course we only get back a small portion as the government
has to get their commission out if the bounty.

biggest problem with all of this is the recipient see nothing wrong
with getting  a hand out from the government for planting a tomato in
his back yard. People have become so dependent on big brother supporting
them , they now expect it and think they deserve it.  It is illegal to
feed wild animals because soon the animal becomes dependent on the free
food and when the food disappears, they animal no longer knows how to
fend for himself and soon dies, people have become the same way, when
the government handouts end, many people won’t know how to survive. Many
will become spiteful and get mad because some one isn’t providing them a
free lunch, in fact that is already happening. It happens all the time,
when people are given too much, they become resentful of the provider
and will bite the hand that feeds them.

Stossel asked several of the recipients of free money if they felt
guilty about taking the money, they all assumed it was their God given
right. He even asked one if he thought it was wrong morally to take the
money. His response was ,”What is morality?”

How does one grow up in this country, attend school and college for at least 16 years and not know what morality is?

last statement tells us what is wrong with the country and world for
that matter.When people expect someone else to continuously pay their
way, even though they are capable of providing for themselves and their
families and when people don’t know right from wrong and their whole
life is driven by the almighty dollar something is wrong. There is
nothing wrong with making money, there even is nothing wrong with making
a lot of money, just as there is nothing wrong with helping the needy,
but when that becomes one’s sole purpose in life with no regard for any
one or anything else that is a problem.

people no longer have a solid spiritual base to build their life on.
Rain falls in every life,and we all fall off the wagon occasionally, but
if there is a solid spiritual base, one survives a lot quicker and
happier than when an individual has no spiritual foundation and thus
flounders around turning to  to drugs and alcohol.

in the end each individual is responsible for his or her own actions
what we are seeing is a direct result of spirituality and religion
taking a back seat in our culture, not only in the United States, but
the world as well.

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