Combining Technology with Spirituality

my travel through life continues it becomes more and more evident to me
we need to merge the spiritual knowledge of our ancestors with the
technical knowledge we have today.

years and ages gone by, our ancestors as well as the ancient
civilizations knew way more of their spiritual connection with the
source than we do today. The Australian Aborigines had, and many still
do, a connection with the land and creation that is unparallelled in
today’s world. They instinctively knew when the rains would come, where
to find food in a sparse environment and had a knowledge of nature that
is astonishing.

believed that if a person visited an area, they left an image that
could be seen by the elders of the tribe. There are many instances of
children being lost in the vast out back and being found by trackers who
would follow their “image” over solid rock and through brush until they
were found and brought home safely.

American Indian also had similar instances and could bring on rains by
performing rituals and dances. In all cases our ancestors knew much
about the environment and the spiritual connotations of their life.
Having said all of this , they did have a fault that lead to their down
fall. They didn’t progress culturally or physically. They are still
living today as they did ten thousand years ago. They didn’t use their
knowledge to advance, they are still living in huts and tee pees.

man has advanced , today we have opportunities and gadgets beyond
comprehension. We have toys and conveniences that were unimaginable even
ten years ago. Our society has advanced to a level where it is hard to
comprehend what could be coming down the road tomorrow and leaves no
room to even imagine what will be possible a few years from now.

all this technological advancement we have paid a price. Our spiritual
knowledge has gone out the window. Most people can’t remember when the
last time they were in a  church or synagogue.  Many work on Sunday and
treat it like another day of the week. Family meals are spent around the
TV watching American Idol. Family conversation has become a lost art.

all this going on we don’t have to wonder why spiritually our lives
have become a wasteland. In life we need balance, we as humans have a
right and duty to advance technically as much as we can , in that
respect many new innovations are discovered that only enhances our
lives,  through it medical advances are made that not only improves our
lives, but lengthen them as well. This is well and good.

we need balance , technology is no good without spirituality and like
wise spirituality should lead to developments that not only makes our
lives more enjoyable but safer and more productive as well. We no longer
need to live in a TP, but in some respect our spiritual lives are
nothing but a vast wilderness. We can have the best of both worlds,
modern technology has given us the opportunity to combine our knowledge
of the physical world and it’s wonders with the spiritual knowledge of
the ancients. Isn’t it time to begin?

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You Can Have it All

is a huge misconception floating around the universe that we as humans
can’t have everything. We are taught that we must make choices. On a
certain level this may be true, however in the grand scheme of things,
nothing could be farther from the truth.

we may not be able to have it all at this very moment, most of us live a
long and hopefully fulfilling life. This fact in itself leads to the
possibility of us having it all. Our lives all go through different
phases when we are different things and different people , so to speak.
We are certainly a different person at age 60 then we were at age 19.

our lives normally follow some sort of grand design that has been
 charted out by us before birth, and some events probably can’t and
shouldn’t be changed.  This fact in itself helps to determine what we
want in life, we don’t all want to be president of the United States.

said that, getting everything we want in life is relatively easy. We
don’t have to choose love over money, or vise versa, we can have both , I
believe we create everything that happens in our life, either
consciously or subconsciously, pay attention to what you think on a
daily basis and see how your live is  being guided by those thoughts.

what you have been thinking over the span of your life, I think you
will see a pattern relating to what you are doing and how you feel. Is
this how you want the rest of your life to be, if so fine, however if
you want to change , now is the time. Make sure the things you envision
changing are what your really want to change, if deep in your heart,
these are situations you really don’t want, no matter what you do, they
won’t occur, and also once the wheels are set in motion, there is no
going back.

your new reality sets in , then a whole new set of events need to be
manifested in order to create a new reality for you and those around
you. Sometimes there is a better life out there waiting for us than we
can even imagine, so leave your mind open to a different outcome than
you have envisioned, always meditate on what you would like to have
occur with the thought of maybe something even better  entering your
life than you can envision.

the course of our life, we can have it all, maybe not all at these same
time, that would be impossible, however, it is easy to see that at any
particular given time, one doesn’t have to choose over two positives, as
long as they are compatible, we can have them all.

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Unemployment: Make Them Work

We have many people drawing money for not working, why? These are able
bodied men and women who have no disabilities whatsoever. Most of these
people are individuals who have lost their jobs or means of employment
because of lay offs, or their places of employment have gone out of

This amounts to a large loss of manpower that could be put to better use
improving our country and possibly increasing their job skills so they
would be better qualified to gain employment in another field of work .
Since they are collecting unemployment from the taxpayers and getting
paid any way, why not put them to work doing public service jobs. There
is plenty of trash to pick up along our highways and byways. Our schools
and hospitals can always use extra help, and  many other organizations
always need help as well.

It would be astonishing  as to how many of these so called unemployable
could find a job in a very short time if they were required to work in
so called demeaning jobs. If they were required to work for their
unemployment checks and submit to drug tests many of them would find a
better job within a week.

It is way past time to stop supporting people who can and should work, too
many people in not only this country, but around the world as well have
come to expect handouts, they believe something is actually owed them,
the only thing the world owes them is a chance to make a living, it
doesn’t owe them a living.

Of course governments, and our present administration as well, want people
to be dependent on them , it is to their advantage to have people think
that government can provide for all their wants and needs, in that way
it guarantees votes and their ability to get elected. Immigrants at one
time were promised a chance to make their own way and carve out their
destiny, now the liberal and socialists politicians promise them a free
ride and all the perks that go with it.

They come here expecting handouts and the more we give them, the more bitter
and unappreciative they become. There is something to the fact that the
more one is given, the more resentful they become, look at some of the
Hollywood stars and public officials. The enjoy a huge amount of success
and fame, they then become resentful and turn against the very system
that made them what they are.

Many also have no spiritual foundation, they have nothing to believe in ,
the wealth and fame creates guilt because they have so much more than
others and when they strike out at the establishment, they are actually
striking out at themselves. They feel like they don’t deserve it and
unconsciously  compensate by blaming someone else for their

The best way to give people a sense of worth is to have them work for what
they have , when people are given what they want and need with no effort
on their part, what they are given has no value to them because there
was no effort to earn it. The worst thing society can do is to give an
individual or group of individuals a free ride, it never works to any
one’s advantage.

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Gary has been a writer/ photographer for over 20 years, specializing in nature,landscapes and studying native cultures.Besides visiting most of the United States, he has traveled to such places as Egypt,the Canary Islands,much of the Caribbean. He has studied  the Mayan Cultures in Central America, and the Australian Aboriginal way of life.Photography has given him the opportunity to observe life in many different parts of the world!

He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

For more information and a link to his hard cover and Ebooks,and contact information: please check his

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Your Own Reality

Normally I like to create my own posts, however occasionally I find something that bears repeating.

Acting on the basis of what you believe is what brings about the
conditions of your life and the degrees of happiness you have
experienced. Physicist and author Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.,
observes:  “There is no ‘Out There’ out there, independent of what goes
on in our minds.”  Take the story of Max.  Max owned a thriving
sandwich shop.  There were almost always people waiting in line to eat
at his little shop.  He gave away free pickles, free potato chips,
sometimes a free soft drink, and his sandwiches were famous for being

One day his son, who lived in a distant city, came to visit.  They had a good visit, but as the son was leaving, he told his father, “Since I’ve been here, I’ve been observing how you run the sandwich
shop, and I have to tell you for your own good that you’re making a big
mistake giving away all those extras.  The country’s economy is in bad
shape.  People are out of work, and they have less money to spend.  If
you don’t cut back on the free items and on your portion sizes, you’ll
be in a bad way before long, too.”  His father was amazed, thanked his
son, and told him he would consider his advice.

After his son left, Max followed his son’s advice.  He stopped
giving away free items and he cut back on the generous portions of food
in his sandwiches.  Before long, after many of his disappointed
customers had stopped coming, he wrote to his son:  “You were right! 
The country’s economy is in bad shape, and I’m experiencing the results
of it right here in my sandwich shop!”

The poor economy that the man’s son saw all around him was real. 
Despite the poor economy, though, the father had been running a
successful sandwich shop.  He didn’t realize that times were hard, that
many people were out of work, and that money was scarce.  He was
treating everyone with great generosity and he was reaping the rewards
that such actions always bring:  a positive, generous outpouring of
good things.  But after his son told him about the “bad shape” the
country was in, he began to act as if it were so, bringing about the
only possible result–a negative, fearful, ungenerous experience of
life, an experience that he believed was “out there.”  Was it “out

The answers are never “out there.”  All the answers are “in
there,” inside you, waiting to be discovered.

You are like a railroad switch.  Each time an event occurs, you
channel the activity onto the positive or the negative track.  Even
though the event hurt you or took something away from you, you are
still in charge of channeling it onto a positive or a negative track. 
You determine its future outcome.

Have you ever had anything happen to you that seemed really bad at
the time but later turned out to be beneficial–experiences where days,
weeks, or even years later, you said, “That was the best thing that
could have happened to me!”  Everyone I’ve ever posed that question to
has been able to remember several events like that.

It’s time to look at all events in the light of that information.  Learn to see that perfect truth now, in every situation.  Condition yourself to see it at
the moment each event occurs, and happiness will become your constant
companion.  You will save countless hours, days, and weeks of useless
lamenting over situations that will always turn out to be for your

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