Combining Technology with Spirituality

my travel through life continues it becomes more and more evident to me
we need to merge the spiritual knowledge of our ancestors with the
technical knowledge we have today.

years and ages gone by, our ancestors as well as the ancient
civilizations knew way more of their spiritual connection with the
source than we do today. The Australian Aborigines had, and many still
do, a connection with the land and creation that is unparallelled in
today’s world. They instinctively knew when the rains would come, where
to find food in a sparse environment and had a knowledge of nature that
is astonishing.

believed that if a person visited an area, they left an image that
could be seen by the elders of the tribe. There are many instances of
children being lost in the vast out back and being found by trackers who
would follow their “image” over solid rock and through brush until they
were found and brought home safely.

American Indian also had similar instances and could bring on rains by
performing rituals and dances. In all cases our ancestors knew much
about the environment and the spiritual connotations of their life.
Having said all of this , they did have a fault that lead to their down
fall. They didn’t progress culturally or physically. They are still
living today as they did ten thousand years ago. They didn’t use their
knowledge to advance, they are still living in huts and tee pees.

man has advanced , today we have opportunities and gadgets beyond
comprehension. We have toys and conveniences that were unimaginable even
ten years ago. Our society has advanced to a level where it is hard to
comprehend what could be coming down the road tomorrow and leaves no
room to even imagine what will be possible a few years from now.

all this technological advancement we have paid a price. Our spiritual
knowledge has gone out the window. Most people can’t remember when the
last time they were in a  church or synagogue.  Many work on Sunday and
treat it like another day of the week. Family meals are spent around the
TV watching American Idol. Family conversation has become a lost art.

all this going on we don’t have to wonder why spiritually our lives
have become a wasteland. In life we need balance, we as humans have a
right and duty to advance technically as much as we can , in that
respect many new innovations are discovered that only enhances our
lives,  through it medical advances are made that not only improves our
lives, but lengthen them as well. This is well and good.

we need balance , technology is no good without spirituality and like
wise spirituality should lead to developments that not only makes our
lives more enjoyable but safer and more productive as well. We no longer
need to live in a TP, but in some respect our spiritual lives are
nothing but a vast wilderness. We can have the best of both worlds,
modern technology has given us the opportunity to combine our knowledge
of the physical world and it’s wonders with the spiritual knowledge of
the ancients. Isn’t it time to begin?

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  1. Define “spiritual”. I consider EVERY act that benefits my life to be a spiritual endeavor. I believe going to work is a spiritual act. How well a man does his work is my primary menas of judging his character. Those natives had to know about their environment in the same way we have to have knowledge of ours. We have schooling for the first 18 years of our lives to teach us about our environment so who is really more knowledgable about their immediate surroundings? I don’t need to know when it is going to rain! I have a jacket and a home with a waterproof roof. You talk about “spiritual knowledge” without defining it. And I don’t think our spiritual lives have become a wasteland. You cite a few examples which could just as easily be found in native cultures. Caring and having a respect for human life is without a doubt a HUGE (probably the most important) spiritual value and yet, in the history of mankind, we have never had more than we do right now. The more primitive the group of people, the less important is the rights of the individual. What could possibly be more spiritual? You fail to realize that technology itself IS spiritual. Where does technology come from? The use of reason! This is our defining human trait! Our best trait! The use of it is without a doubt a spiritual act, if there ever was one! In making technology we are using reason to formulate scientific theory and then applying those theories in a concrete way in order to BETTER OUR LIVES! That is awesome! If spirituality is to be considered worthy of our praise, that should be its chief concern! I’ll take a scientist over a pastor ANY day and also consider him the more spiritual of the two.


  2. I agree with most of what you say, however, many people, not only in the United States, but the world as well have lost their connection with the earth and their creator. many people now only make decisions based on monetary needs. There is nothing wrong with money and certainly nothing wrong with having a lot of it.

    All I’m saying is the ancients were more in tune with nature than we are today, as a generalization. But they didn’t advance technically, that is why they have all but disappeared. We, today have made extreme advances in technology , but our spiritual connection with the divine creator has suffered in the meantime.

    To advance as a civilization, we need to advance spiritually and technically. Balance is the key.


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